Coral Township Trustee Criticizes Loosening of Horse Racing Zoning

Laurie Cisnerow

Laurie Cisnerow

Coral Township Trustee Laurie Cisneros addressed the McHenry County Board last week on the loosening of zoning restrictions on horse racing in the proposed Unified Development Ordinance.

She said she did not live that near the race track that has led to the opposition in the area, but four miles away.

Nevertheless, she said that she was concerned.

“Doesn’t it make sense to trust the [opinions] of the officials who represent the area?”

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This spotlights a long-term complaint of those living in less-populated parts of McHenry County.

Such residents have to live with zoning imposed upon them by a county board dominated by those who live in much more densely populated areas.

It seems to me that county board members should follow the recommendations of township planning commissions where they exist.


Coral Township Trustee Criticizes Loosening of Horse Racing Zoning — 3 Comments

  1. Any more updates on the illegal horse racing?

    I know the Mchenry council was voting on it this past Tuesday.

    since they the council members love to carry on and hear themselves talk it was getting late and we missed the vote.

    Hoping they shut them down!!

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