Attorney General Probing Oakwood Hills

Pursuant to the untimely reply to my August 2nd Freedom of Information request for any documentation of threats to the Village of Oakwood Hills, the Public Access Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General has requested an explanation why a reply was not forthcoming as of August 12th.

OH Sign 3 in a yard

Signs against the power plant in an Oakwood Hills. In politics, intensity counts. Three signs really indicates intensity.

It’s letter was dated August 14th.

The Village did mail a reply on the 12th, as I reported here, but it did not arrive until the 13th.

In any event, the Village had five business days to reply.

Since my request was send on Saturday, I figure that its “official” arrival date was Monday, August 4th.

Five days from then would be Monday, August 11th.

The reply was not sent until the next day.


Attorney General Probing Oakwood Hills — 14 Comments

  1. We are so proud of the people of our community.

    Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

    It is now our responsibility to make it a better place for our children and future generations to come.

    We really can make a difference in our community, by taking a stand against corruption.

  2. The Attorney General’s office jumped right on the FOIA appeal.

    Maybe the topic is a priority or the caseload is low at the AG’s office.

    Will be interesting to hear the reason Oakwood Hills gives as to why they didn’t fulfill the local blogger’s FOIA request in a timely fashion.

    Equally as interesting is why Oakwood Hills has no documentation on a threat that was serious enough to close village hall.

    They just go by verbal’s over there for something that serious?

  3. I like the comment The “workload is low in the AG Office” since they cleaned up all the Illinois corruption in Springfield.

  4. Funk is getting all the attention which she deserves but what about the rest of the people involved in this cover up.

    The other board members, the head clerk, police department.

    This is far form over a few of the reasons for closing the hall: keep the residents out of the Aug 7th board meeting, buy time so they could regroup and plan their next move with Anderson, try to get the outside world to believe and have pity on her (making us look like lawless morons).

    But in thend the truth will come out.

    We have to keep the pressure on this fight is far from over! Keep educating and communicating with everyone.

    They want us divided.

    It won’t happen.

    Keep writing all politicans this crosses all polical lines.

    As always something smells FUNKY!

  5. Nice job to Chris Christensen for doing so much of the leg work.

    Lots of people working this behind the scenes but the front man always takes the heat.

    Lead from the Front.

    Chris is.

  6. I do not know the law, however in reading the information under the Public Access Counselor section of the Attorney Generals website, it appears as though Oakwood Hills has repeatedly violated the way public bodies are intended to operate.

    There are several documented deceptions “lies” regarding inquiries made about the proposed power plant.

    Your Blog has a letter received from their FOIA officer saying there was no such proposal or discussions, there are Tribune emails, an email form the Village President to homeowners association representative, etc.

    I think they may be circumventing the argument by saying it is not a peaker plant, it is a power plant.

    As I understand it, the power plant just operates more time.

    This does not seem to be in the spirit of the law.

    My understanding is that no meeting minutes show the power plant discussions whatsoever.

    Have they wiped them clean?

    The Open Meetings Act (OMA) means nothing if they hold their meetings and then hold separate undocumented discussions privately.

    I hope Lisa Madigan stands by her beliefs “that open, honest and accountable government, the cornerstone of democracy, can be achieved only through the free and open exchange of information between government and the public.”

    Cal SKinner can you help me understand why the investigation is only on the alleged threats and that FOIA? Anyone?

  7. This deal is dead in the water….pardon the pun….

    But please do keep up the pressure!

  8. Anyone wishing to file a complaint with the Attorney General can use this email address:

    “Access, Public”

  9. Remember who the LEGAL Counsel used to be for the project!!

    Election is fast approaching!

    The same legal Counsel if pushing the UDO through the County Board!

    Anyone else concerned about the content of the UDO?

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