McSweeney and Duffy Send Letter to AG Asking for Oakwood Hills Probe

Here is the letter that State Senator Dan Duffy and State Rep. David McSweeney sent to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

McSweeney told me that if there were threats, they should be prosecuted.  If there were not, the Village Hall should be re-opened immediately.

August 14, 2014

Attorney General Lisa Madigan
500 S. Second Street
Springfield, Illinois 62706

Dear Madam Attorney General:

This past July, in partnership with developers, the Village of Oakwood Hills proposed a 430-megawatt natural gas power plant to be built within their community.

The project immediately drew negative attention due to it’s close proximity to a school, the proposed use of groundwater, and adverse impact on property values.

Hundreds of residents from Oakwood Hills and the surrounding areas have actively voiced their opposition to the power plant, attending hearings and zoning committee meetings.

David McSweeney

David McSweeney

They have garnered support via social media, news outlets, and local officials.

We are on record opposing this project due to it’s impact on local water usage, location near a school, and overall lack of transparency by village officials.

As of last Saturday, August 3rd, Oakwood Hills has suspended all village business until further notice, claiming threats to village officials.

The Northwest Herald has reported that in response to a FOIA request, village FOIA officer Cheryl LoSasso has confirmed no documentation of threats existed.



Despite this public confirmation, the village remains closed.

If threats exist, the public should be made aware and the responsible individuals should face prosecution.

However, if the village cannot provide any substantiation for these claims and officials continue to be paid, they should be open to serve the public.

This is an emergency situation and we are seeking an immediate investigation on whether a complete cessation of services from a unit of local government is warranted.

Since your office is charged to ensure an open and honest government in Illinois, we urgently request your attention to this matter for the taxpayers and residents of Oakwood Hills and share your findings with us at your earliest convenience.

Sincerest thanks,

Representative David McSweeney                              Senator Dan Duffy


McSweeney and Duffy Send Letter to AG Asking for Oakwood Hills Probe — 17 Comments

  1. A great big thanks to Duffy and McSweeney for defending our tax payers.

    How about the Department of Justice?

    Where is Herby and the gang from the Rockford FBI office?

    This appears to be a job for the FBI.

    The Oakwood Hills government reminds me of Mayberry RFD.

    Hey, who is Barney fife?

    Melanie must be Aunt B…lol…

    Those Oakwood Hills officials are fishen.

    For what?

    The one from above only knows…lol…

  2. I keep thinking of rats scurrying off of a sinking ship. Don’t know why.

  3. Finally those clowns will have to answer to the law.

    This is wonderful news.

    Thanks again to our responsive elected officials

  4. Great news.

    I have a feeling who ever started these false reports will be answering more questions.

  5. The people need to know that this is how the corruption game is played. False accusations, false prosecutions and convictions have been played out against the whistleblowers and the crusaders in the fight against corruption for a very long time.

    This is exactly what happened to Lou Bianchi and company.

    They were brought up on false charges, simply because he refused to participate in the corruption game..

    It’s true.

    And, it is now time for vindication for all of those people hunted during those witch hunts that took place in McHenry County and Illinois. Retribution, for those trying to expose the truth begins with a simple accusation that evolves into a false arrest, prosecution and sometimes conviction.

    To think, the Bianchi prosecution also took advantage of the tax payers, because we are the ones that paid for that false prosecution.

    We are all affected by corruption in one way or another, even if we do not realize it.

    Take note, when you go to pay your taxes people.

    Our high taxes are a product of the price of corruption; we pay for the consequences for the people that participate and perpetuate the corruption game.

  6. Its so good to know our state reps are looking out for and supporting us!!!

    They deserve our support in the future.


    For the record, those that were supporting Northland/Enventure moving forward:

    JOE GOTTEMOLLER – County Rep District 3 – Our County Representative decided it would be acceptable to also provide legal services for Northland and Enventure. Please remember that Joe is on the ballot for election this very November. Please let him know that it was NOT acceptable. Short memories, but maybe not that short. PLEASE VOTE!!!!

    The Village Board President (FUNK), Trustees (SMITH, SALVO, GORR, LEIGH AND JAWORSKI) voted unanimously for the host agreement (Northland/Enventure).

    Trustee CHAD RIDER was absent at May meeting where vote took place.

    Jaworski is not on current Trustee list on the Oakwood Hills website.

    Three Oakwood Hills Trustees SMITH, RIDER, LEIGH will be up for election next May.


    Those who have opposed the Power Plant Proposal:

    State Senator DAN DUFFY – opposed. You have my vote!

    State Rep DAVID MCSWEENEY – opposed. You have my vote!

    McHenry County Board Member KURTZ – opposed Vote!

    McHenry County Board Member WALKUP – opposed Vote!

    Island Lake – opposed

    Where do they Stand????????

    Where does Crystal Lake and its Mayor AARON SHEPLEY stand?

    Where does Cary and its Mayor HAROLD WEINBRECHT stand?

    Where does Village of Prairie Grove stand?

    Our County Reprentatives – some are opposed.

    Please contact the Mayors of Crystal Lake, Cary, the Village of Prairie Grove and District 3 County Reps. to tell them where you stand.

    Ask Crystal Lake and Cary to stop discussions about selling their “grey water” to Northland/Enventure.

    Ask them all to make a public statement.

  7. Even if there was a threat you have to wonder how serious it was.

    How many parents have said, “I could kill that kid,” when in fact they have no intention of literally killing their kid.

    It’s a figure of speech, although probably not the best choice of words.

    Then again, there’s always the exception.

    Have to be careful what you say.

  8. There were no threats.

    There were 800-900 angry people at a couple of zoning hearings.

    Some of them were yelling because they thought their rights were being violated.

    This was a way to continue to work in secret.

    To continue to avoid answering the tough questions being asked by their constituents, circumvent FOIA requests.

    This was an abuse of power and I pray that real justice prevails here

  9. It’d be interesting to find out if there were any donations from the power plant firms to the noted officials who are in favor of this.

  10. I imagine campaigns in Oakwood Hills don’t cost very much.

  11. There are never enough people running for seats that are open.

    People do not participate anymore.

    I believe there were 3 trustee seats open and only 1 person re-ran.

    Quite sad of the lack of involvement.

    I also attended a few meetings and I was just about always the only person there.

  12. Resident – looks like they thought they could sneak this by before we knew what hit us.

    If this isn’t a lessen in getting more involved I don’t know what is!

  13. “But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing. It behooves you, therefore, to be watchful in your States as well as in the Federal Government.” — Andrew Jackson, Farewell Address, March 4, 1837

    Vigilance and transparency are the keys to preventing and corruption in our community.

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