Suit Against Andy Zinke re Illegal Retrieval of License Plate Info Proceeding

Attorney Robert Hanlon has taken and filed a copy of the deposition of McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke in the license plate case.  It is attached to Hanlon’s latest motion in the suit.

During his last Ethics Commission hearing Andy Zinke didn't want his photo taken.  He is sitting next to his attorney Rebecca Lee, who is one of four attorneys representing him in the Drivers  Privacy Protection Act case.

During his last Ethics Commission hearing (during which 2 of 3  members voted to send the complaint by Zane Seipler to the State’s Attorney, but which was not done because only three members of the Commission attended the meeting, and three affirmative votes were required) Andy Zinke didn’t want his photo taken. He is sitting next to his attorney Rebecca Lee, who is one of four attorneys representing him in the Drivers Privacy Protection Act case.

That suit, in civil court, charges that Zinke improperly ran the license plate of the car a 50-something female Hanlon process server was driving while delivering subpoena to his front door at 7 PM one night.

Zinke ran from his front door in his stocking feet so he could jot down the license plate number.  (See “Shoeless Zinke Gets Caught Running Elderly Woman’s License Plate.”  It turned out the elderly woman was the car’s owner and was not the one who served the subpoena.  That was her daughter.)

Here is what Hanlon pulled out of the deposition transcript about Zinke’s motives in his latest motion:

  • “I wanted to know if the name was familiar to me” (Ex A Page 53)
  • “…I wanted to find out what she was doing.” (exhibit A Pg 18, lines 23-24) (the “She” referencing the person delivering the subpoena.)
  • Additionally, ZINKE acknowledged that he was not aware of the commission of any crime when he was served with the subpoena. (See Exhibit A (ZINKE Deposition) as Exhibit A page 20 lines 1-6) [a requirement for a law enforcement officer to use the State’s LEADS data base]

In reply to the possibility that Zinke may have been pursuing a lawful use, Hanlon points out,

ZINKE’s behavior was the key to connecting his running Plaintiff’s plate in context, not as a law enforcement officer, but as a petty childlike actor that was having a tantrum over being served with a simple subpoena.

Zinke is being sued under the Federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act.

Hanlon has experience in that law, having sued the Operating Engineers Local 150 on behalf of local clients.


Suit Against Andy Zinke re Illegal Retrieval of License Plate Info Proceeding — 15 Comments

  1. OMG, that Andy Zinke loves to dig those holes….lol…

    Just wondering, but does that famous popcorn have some hallucinatory components to the ingredients? Must be that butter?

    The guy has no personal responsibility…..

    He was not aware that he was in the commission of crime?…lol..

    Please from above, have mercy upon all of our souls, as we have had to endure Zinke antics for many years…

    Andy, you need to get on your hand and knees and ask for forgiveness from the taxpayers.

    As for the one from above, when your number is calIed, I do believe you are going to be in purgatory for a very long time….

    Frankly, we are so sick of that Nygren and Zinke circus.

    And, we all wonder why that local 150 is so busy.


    Hey Andy, running out of excavators?

    Nygren, to think Andy is a major part of your legacy…

    Keith Nygren, don’t blame the people, you did it to yourself.

    If the people want change, they need to use that power of the vote.

    Yep, time to bring in Mr Prim and proper Bill Prim…

  2. Attorney Robert Hanlon, please do us all a favor and take that Andy Zinke to the cleaners, by way of the court system.

    Whatsa matter Andy, met your match?

    Keith baby, can’t rescue you from this one.

    Although, have to say, you are keeping those excavators really busy!

    See you later, “Andy FIFE”

  3. And this Clown wants to be Woodstock Police Chief ?

    No Thank You.

    The citizens of McHenry County do NOT want you as Sheriff, AS YOU FOUND OUT WHEN YOU LOST !

    Speaking of loser, hows that f bomb name throwing, sister of porno star, disgrace to the law enforcement community wife of yours doing ?

  4. Zinke hiding his face and Rebecca Lee, you may want to wipe that smile off your face.

    No more hiding Zinke

  5. Rebecca Lee?

    She’s way over her head on this one! hey, Rebecca, stick to defending littering tickets.

  6. Hey Andy “FIFE” you might want to get a backbone… If Andy “FIFE” goes to work for the Woodstock Police department, Beth Bentley will never be found.

  7. I sure hope the Woodstock mayor is smart enough to NOT make him the Chief.

    Woodstock deserves much better

  8. Speaking of Local 150 they are VERY busy!

    Last Thursday I saw them in McHenry in front of Walmart with their decked out “Rat Patrol” car, their blowup rat with signs “Walmart sucks”.

    I went in and talked to an employee and asked why they were there.

    Fact is they don’t know – unless it’s because they are nonunion.

    She’s been there 18 years, has excellent healthcare at little cost, a 401k.

    So — local 150 is busy harassing businesses.

    I was told the police are monitoring them.

  9. Just because some of the Local 150 members have done something wrong does not mean that they are all bad.

    My brother in law is a local 150 member and he has no clue about corruption and what a few of the local 150 members have done to people.

    Let’s remember, we live in a very difficult economy and they need to make a living, as they do have families and mortgages to support.

    The connected ones are at the top and a few take directions from them.

    One of their members appeared at a meeting prior to the election and said that he had found God and that he was very sorry for his participation in corruption; he was an enforcer.

    He admitted he was guilty and remorseful because he had intimidated and harassed business owners and some individuals.

    Conversely, a business owner reported to me that some members of the Local 150 showed up at his office with guns.

    The business owner was told to pay up or they not be allowed to continue to do business in McHenry County and that he would die.

    They paid and left town with their lives and started business elsewhere.

    With this in mind, it is very difficult for the average person who does not have first hand information to keep of this in perspective.

    However, we must view this objectively.

    Our goal is not to destroy the members of our community.

    We only want to create change in McHenry County so that our government works for the people, and those responsible for corruption are can no longer operate here, whether they choose to stay or not.

  10. Both serving this paper at his home instead of the courthouse and this petty lawsuit are nothing but childlike politics.

    Many of us are just getting really tired of the two political feuding sides of this counties old boy Republican network…including this historical Republican.

    You all need to grow up.

    The whole “we got 51% of the vote in a primary” so now we think we are morally right in all act from the Bianchi/Prim side of the old boy network is getting old quick.

    Am I really going to have to vote for Harrison for these children’s games to end.

    Man that would suck.

  11. …And Prim supporters are really still after the guys family here?


    Way to take that 1% primary win and handle it with class.

    Still can’t believe how many of you sit by and snicker silently at the attacks on the family.

    This county may be headed the way of Cook County if even supposed Republican standard bearers still support attacks on family.

    Really thought the petty personal stuff would die down after the emotional primary…there really seems to be a dangerous and unhealthy amount of vengeance seeking in Prim supporter circles.

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