Mary McClellan Joins John Hammerand in Opposition to RV-Boat Storage Restrictions

McH boat in drivesay
Someone sent me a link to this house in Holiday Hills.

The address matches where McHenry County Board member Mary McClellan lives.

I thought she lives in the Village of Holiday Hills and would not be affected by the proposed restriction on recreational vehicles, but I have been told by a fellow Board member that she lives in unincorporated McHenry County, hence, would be.

Sshe does not support the Unified Development Ordinance proposal.

“I have already submitted a proposed amendment to take out any such restriction.

“I don’t believe in government interfering with private property rights.

“I will not support the UDO in its current form.”

McClellan is the Republican candidate for County Clerk this fall. She is running unopposed.


Mary McClellan Joins John Hammerand in Opposition to RV-Boat Storage Restrictions — 7 Comments

  1. They post a picture of a well maintained area.

    That is not what the ordinance is about.

    Look at the other pictures where people abuse the right to have recreational vehicles by not keeping the area well maintained.

    If all the areas looked like the one above there probably wouldn’t be a problem.

  2. You must be kidding Voter.

    That picture shows an area where there is definitely is a problem.

  3. I was only commenting on the picture but if the area is not taken care of then it should be changed and I agree with you.

  4. Wait….Mary McClellan is actually planning on attending a County Board meeting?

  5. Perhaps, once this issue is behind us, those on the county board in favor of encroaching on the property rights of boat and RV owners will be so kind as to legislate some do’s and don’ts for interior décor as well.

    I personally find it quite offensive when I’m invited into a home and forced to look at the flowered wallpapers, mismatched paint colors and downright ugly flooring and woodwork that some homeowners in this county have the audacity to choose for their homes.

    I mean what are these people thinking?

    Good thing we have those who are so willing to think, and choose for us!

  6. Paul, do you really believe a majority of the Board have the ability to think?

    The UDO was written by outsiders and staff.

    The Board was expected to ‘rubber stamp’ the final write just like Chirikos and Miller expect everyone to ‘rubber stamp’ whatever MCDOT comes up with.

    Better start praying and working to ensure that Gasser gets the most votes in D-1.

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