Pre-Dawn Sexual Assault in Downtown Harvard

A press release from the Harvard Police Department:



On Tuesday, 08/19/14 at approximately 4:52 am, Harvard Police was contacted by Swedish American Hospital, Belvidere reference a sexual related assault.

100 block of East Front Street in Harvard, Illinois.

100 block of East Front Street in Harvard, Illinois.

It was reported the victim (f-22 yoa) was sexually assaulted in the 100 blk of E. Front Street earlier this morning.

Under Investigation.


Pre-Dawn Sexual Assault in Downtown Harvard — 3 Comments

  1. Wonder what time the alleged assault occurred.
    That’s right off the main drag in Harvard.
    In the alley maybe?
    There’s a few bars near there.
    One of those date rape drugs where someone slips something in a drink?
    Don’t accept a drink from anyone, keep it with you at all times, and always have someone sober with you.
    Glad the victim went to the hospital.
    Nothing more revolting than sexual assaults.

  2. In addition to Mark’s wonderings, why Belvidere Hospital?

    Harvard still has one.

    Woodstock is also closer.

    Harvard PD is one block away from the location mentioned.

  3. I thought the same thing.

    Why would you go all the way to Belvidere after just being assaulted?

    Why not contact the police, who are right there where it happened?

    Something smells really fishy about this one!

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