Attorney General Advises Oakwood Hills to Open Office

In a letter dated Friday, the Office of the Illinois Attorney General advised the Village of Oakwood Hills to open for business “as soon as possible.”

The involvement of Lisa Madigan‘s Office was urged by State Rep. David McSweeney and State Senator Dan Duffy.

OH AG Letter  8-22-14 open

In a letter dated August 22, 2014, Assistant Attorney General Brent Stratton advises that the office of Oakwood Hills be opened “as soon as possible.”

While the letter says that Village officials plan to open up on September 2nd, McSweeney thinks the office should be staffed “as soon as possible.”


Attorney General Advises Oakwood Hills to Open Office — 3 Comments

  1. Funk needs to go but let’s not forget about the Funkettes!!

    They all voted for the hosting agreement in May.

    They all need to go.

    We need to make sure never to elect them or their spouses for any position in the future( village board, school board) .

    There is no positives to this proposed power plant for The village or the surrounding communities. Something smells …”…………. fUNKY

  2. So disheartening that Funk is getting away with this BS.

    I would have likes to see something worded a little stronger and with more urgency.

    If Funk thinks this will cool things down she is sadly mistaken.

    If I were a resident I’d be asking how I can only pay for 11 months of service.

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