Reick to Meet with Residents

A press release from Republican State Rep. candidate Steve Reick:

Steve Reick Announces Town Hall Listening Tour

IL House Republican Candidate Solicits Voter Input

After his speech State Rep. candidate Steve Reick was seen talking to Brian Kelly.

After his speech State Rep. candidate Steve Reick was seen talking to Brian Kelly.

Steve Reick, Republican candidate for the 63rd House District, has announced an “I’ll Shut Up and Listen” town hall tour throughout the District, beginning August 27 in Harvard.

“McHenry County has taken quite a few hits in the past year, losing over 8% in wages in 2013,” said Reick.

“This is one of the largest wage losses in the country.

“Property values remain flat, and real estate taxes continue to increase.”

The tour will begin on Wednesday, August 27 at the Harvard Public Library’s Burbank Room from 6:30 – 7:30 P.M. The library is located at 900 E. McKinley Street in Harvard. The tour will then move on to the other venues in the District, with the schedule and locations to be announced.

“We can’t afford another 2 years of what we have now. The Madigan/Franks approach to governing has driven Illinois into the ground,” said the Republican challenger. \

“I want to give the people of McHenry County the chance to make their concerns known, and discuss with them new ideas and approaches to return this State and this District back to prosperity. It has to begin here.”


Reick to Meet with Residents — 5 Comments

  1. Very cool.

    I’m glad Steve has been so accessible and willing to talk with voters.

    Keep at it!

  2. Jack is busy with Jill and he will soon fall down that hill with that pail full of ……….. Madigan shenanigans?

    No thank you.

    Steve Reick, the right man for the job.

    He is truly devoted to the people.

    If we want change and a government that works for the people, vote for Steve Reick.

  3. As much as Franks want Dems to believe he’s a Dem and for Republicans to believe he’s a Repub, and no matter how many people he tries to convince he’s representing their vote…A vote for him is a vote to keep Mike Madigan.

    Franks will ALWAYS vote for him and Madigan has ruined this state.

    We only have one option and that’s to vote for the ANTI-FRANKS.

    Steve you have our vote!

  4. Steve Reick is the ONLY candidate running with a credible plan for rolling back property taxes.

    That in and of itself is sufficient reason to vote for him.

    Then you talk to him and find out how deep his understanding is of the state’s financial problems, how he can talk in depth about the underlying causes of the pension crisis, and you realize this is a guy who has done his homework.

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