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  1. The argument equipment is somehow to blame for any of the terror in Ferguson, MO or here in McHenry County is absolutely insane.

    People are the problem.

    They always have been and always will be.

    When you put on the badge your job in this world is to protect life first and always.

    The first problem is not the DOD offloading its surplus equipment domestically, it is the attitude of the humans which allows this possibility to exist.

    In one of the photos from Ferguson a crazed lunatic with a machine gun is sitting in the middle of an American street on top of a military vehicle aiming at Citizens with the intent to kill them.

    There is no other possible intent with a loaded fully auto weapon sighted on living beings.

    Rather than the police taking this rabidly insane individual down with extreme prejudice they actually claim him as one of their own and help him to pursue his murderous intent.

    Is this an equipment problem or is this an attitude problem on the part of the Citizen’s employees?

    When police, and anyone on the public dime, forget they are the employees and the Citizen is the employer then it is incumbent upon the employer to restructure the arrangement with the rogue employees.

    It is time to disband all local police who have accountability to no one, raise up the power of local duly elected Sheriffs and train the people who work for us their jobs are to protect, not destroy.

    Maybe we shouldn’t let the lunatics have military grade equipment either but the first priority should be to remove the lunatics from positions where they can harm themselves and others in civil society.

    Believe me children, I don’t need you on that wall, I don’t want you on that wall and when I lay my head down at night I sleep like a baby knowing whether The Law is still in control or not(clearly if those who wear badges are killing people with total abandon in daylight The Law holds no sway anymore) Colt has made all men equal.

    No one is more equal than others.

    Just equal.

  2. Now I first must disclose that I think McHenry Sheriffs Dept is run by a bunch of narcissistic douchebags.

    I am in no way defending these helpless idiots, but….

    That LESO program is open to all law enforcement agencies, including municipalities.

    Could it be that some of the local departments in McHenry county are represented on that list?

    I saw nothing to indicate anything other than those items of equipment were released exclusively to the sheriff.

  3. Meant to say

    I saw nothing to indicate that those items of equipment were released exclusively to the sheriff.

    Sorry, these 12 hour shifts are killing Me!!!

  4. is this list from a reliable source or from a goofy site in the first place?

  5. that website is bogus.Be careful who first put out the website and consider the source.

  6. Well, look who is talking goofy and bogus!

    There’s a source you can rely on. ~sarcasm/off~

  7. Some pretty cool stuff, would not mind having the starlight scope either.

  8. Voter/anonymous coward- did your supervisor promise you could take home one of the KLRs if you posted here today?

    While the website is a delightful Tea Party insane asylum of misinformation, the database is, unfortunately, entirely legitimate.

    That is, according to the DoD FOIA officer I was corresponding with today.

    Looking forward to finding out who took those 5 motorcycles to their vacation homes in Wisconsin.

    Looking forward to derisive comments about the veracity of the DoD’s websites…

  9. There’s a site that talks about little green men that might invade us.

    You and Cindy might want to check it out.

  10. Voter?

    Simply being ignorant on a subject and blatantly attacking others by showing your ignorance on a subject are not the same animal.

    You just intimated that Cal, the DOD, John and myself are less than knowledgeable on something that you apparently have no clue about.

    Before you pop off on subjects you know nothing about, maybe you should do a little research.

    And lay off the snark.

  11. Cal asked for information and that was sent to him, doesn’t mean it is true.

    He reported what he got.

    Love Cal and respect him.

    What I said has nothing to do with Cal.

    I think you believe everything you read on a bogus web site.

    If it isn’t a bogus site well I think it is by what I investigated.

  12. voter?

    The website you refer to as being bogus IS exactly where this post came from!

    If you believe this article is bogus, then why are you here?

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