Reick Invites Harvard Downtowners to Town Hall

Saturday before the deluge, Republican State Rep. candidate Steve Reick was handing out leaflets up and down Ayer Street in Harvard.

He was handing out what you see below, an invitation to a Wednesday evening opportunity to provide input to the legislative challenger to State Rep. Jack Franks.

Reick invite 8-27-14


Reick Invites Harvard Downtowners to Town Hall — 2 Comments

  1. Steve has to answer the problem that Rep. Franks gets goodies for the district and is basically liked.

    I think he needs to show how a conservative attorney would legislate and most importantly aggressively go after one vote at a time.

    Drifting around Harvard accomplishes little in my opinion.

    A steady hand, a wise father, technical political skill, needed in Springfield were possible arguments. Since President Bush 1 conservatism has been under very terrible attack.

    GOP needs to regroup.

  2. Baby Franks can’t rise any higher in Illinois politics …even with all of his Daddy’s dough.

    Democrat big wigs don’t like him …. mostly because they don’t trust him.

    If Madigan can’t trust a grandstander mediamooch and fakir like Franks …….who can?

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