Johnsburg Roundabout Functioning

Johnsburg Rd east of Rt 31 1

Johnsburg Road east of Route 31.

Sunday I decided to see how McHenry County’s first roundabout was working.

The road from Route 31 has been widened to three lanes.

The third lane is a turning lane and, to be honest, parts of it appear to be unneeded.

Johnsburg Rd east of Rt 31 at Riverside lights

Traffic signals have been installed at the intersection of Riverside Drive and Johnsburg Road.

New signals have been installed at both Riverside Drive and Spring Grove Road.

Johnsburg Rd at Spring Grove Rd lights

Where Spring Grove Road heads north from Johnsburg Road there are also new lights.

Right before Spring Grove Road is a flashing sign urging people to “Stay Alert” because “Roundabout Open”.

Roundabout Open sign 8-30-14

The sign says, “Roundabout Open.”

The roundabout is not within sight of the sign.

Johnsburg Road approaching roundabout from west

There are buildings straight ahead, but the roundabout can’t be seen.

There are lots of signs at the roundabout in Johnsburg.

Over the small rise the roundabout appears.
Johnsburg roundabout from west
I drove around with no traffic but my car and turned around at Chef Davito’s.

Johnsburg roundabout from NE

Approaching from where the library and grade school are located, I noted a circular sign I didn’t catch from the west.

I turned up St. John’s Avenue to get another view.

Johnsburg roundabout from St. Johns Ave

This is the view from the street that runs to St. John’s Catholic Church.

Next I turned onto Chapel Hill Road.

Johnsburg roundabout from Chapel Hill Rd

From Chapel Hill Road, this is the view of the roundabout.

Johnsburg roundaobut van on it

At fifteen miles an hour, the intersection seems to work.

Around the circle I went back the way I came.


Johnsburg Roundabout Functioning — 8 Comments

  1. Another Miller legacy along with the empty parking lot.

    Who gains with these projects?


    No wonder the Millers advertised for a Democrat in the Founders Day Parade!!

  2. Actually, taxpayers benefit because roundabouts are cheaper to maintain, construct and decrease the amount of fatal accidents.

  3. The road improvements in Johnsburg are awesome!

    The roundabout is a perfect solution to the old 4 way stop, and the stop light at Johnsburg & Spring Grove road is a huge plus.

  4. I wish they would have put these up in Marengo, I hate the new stop light.

  5. Will the roundabout work as smooth with a little ice and snow?

    Thats when the one in Des Plains got Interesting !

    We can only hope.

  6. If roundabouts are safer and cheaper to build maybe they should be build that at Algonquin and Randall.

    Why spend how many millions of dollars for a continuous flow intersection when roundabouts are so great???

    European countries seem to use them at busy congested intersections without problems.

    Connecting Dots when you say “another Miller legacy”, are you referring to the Nepotism Filled Algonquin Township Miller’s???

    That would explain the big push to convert the intersection of Crystal Lake at Silver Lake near Cary into a roundabout.

  7. Finally we start to see roundabout.

    Why does it take so long.

    They really work.

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