Wonder Laker Takes Exception to County Board’s Zoning re Boat Storage

WL 2 boats

A Wonder Lake home with two boats. This one had a car with a College Democrats bumper sticker a couple of years ago.

This popped in a comment to one of the articles on the restrictions included in one of the previous articles about restrictions proposed in the County’s Unified Development Ordinance:

Why would the county decide what you can and can’t have in your yard.

I live in Wonder Lake and for the last thirteen years we have own a boat and yes we park it in our driveway.

It doesn’t hurt anyone!

So why is the county now saying it’s bad, they don’t even know us.

I can easily have four cars in my driveway but instead I have a boat and three cars all with current plates and all maintain!

I don’t know how you expect people to now pay for storage fees, between higher gas prices and people losing jobs, their homes and everything else continuing to go up.

WL 2 boats 2

Another Wonder Lake home with two boats.

People are trying to find someway to still get some relax time for themselves and their families and now you want to take that away too!

If someone has an issue with a neighbor talk to them.

What we don’t need is the county getting into our business and telling us what to do.

Purchased my home thirteen years ago because we liked the idea of a lake right near us and we are boat people who enjoy the water.

Who are you to take that away?


Wonder Laker Takes Exception to County Board’s Zoning re Boat Storage — 13 Comments

  1. No kidding.

    The man lives on a lake!

    Why would he NOT have a boat in his driveway!

    The government is way off base with this.

  2. Did anyone ever think it was some of the residents who complained about
    some of the conditions in the neighborhoods? Not just boats but campers and other vehicles that were inoperable left and causing an eyesore.

  3. It is supposed to be a free country – not a country run by who does the most whining.

    You make the huge mistake of thinking that government should be telling you what you can and cannot do in all cases while holding your hand.

    Next you will not be allowed to park your car on your property.

    That’s why they are called Progressives.

    It gets progressively worse.

  4. I suggest you move to another Country and then come back and write on the blog.

    We are a free Country.

    Wake up Cindy.

  5. voter: I understand Russia is looking for Progressives!

    Maybe you would be happier there!

  6. LOL voter.

    I don’t have to move anywhere.

    We ARE changing to that “other” country you speak of.

  7. Now the county wants to become an HOA!! Screw that!! If someone has an “Eyesore” in their yard, and remember your eyesore ain’t necessarily mine, call the proper county authority on a piecemeal basis. Leave us the H alone!!

  8. You don’t even know what the Progressive Movement is by your comments

  9. Boats are not an eyesore and are fine parked in a driveway.

    If they are corrently licensed what’s the problem and Why do we even consider policing if they are licensed?

    If you run all the old people off then you just have Chicago people left.

    Is that what you want?

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