Open Call to Replace Tom Wilbeck on MCC Board

Saturday, the McHenry County College Board decided to have the equivalent of an open cast call for candidates to replace Tom Wilbeck, who resigned his position due to moving just outside the college district’s boundaries.

MCC Retreat-Meeting 9-6-14

The MCC Board met at the Shah Center Saturday.

An ad will be place in the Northwest Herald announcing the details(September 9th was mentioned), but I image there will be a press release, too, which I shall be happy to publish.

Wilbeck submitted his letter of resignation on August 28th.

State law gives the Board sixty days to fill the vacancy or the Chairman of the Illinois Community College Board will make the appointment.

“I’ve had five or six come forward,” Trustee Linda Liddell told her colleagues.

“I have a solid candidate whom I believe everyone on this Board knows.”

“I prefer an open process,” newly-elected Board member Molly Walsh said.

Another new member, Chris Jenner told of filling vacancies on the Cary Grade School Board.

“We interviewed them all,” he said.

Liddell wanted to be sure that all Trustees would take part in on the interviewing process.

Cynthia Kisser suggested the ad be published by September 9th with applications due September 18th.

Whoever is appointed would only serve until the May swearing in of newly-elected Trustees.

There will be two six-year terms up and one four-year term.


Open Call to Replace Tom Wilbeck on MCC Board — 2 Comments

  1. When Liddell says, she has a person that everyone knows.

    Is that former trustee adams or the guy who the college wanted to win in the last election.

    Yet lost.

    I can’t remember his name, but I think his wife is a elected official.

  2. Smith??

    Erin Smith’s husband?

    I did not vote for him, if it is.

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