Sheriff’s Campaign Contributions – Harrison Has Better Second Quarter than Prim

Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison

Independent candidate for Sheriff Jim Harrison reported having $16,810.94 at the beginning of the quarter on April 1, 2014. He ended June with $7,360.46. There were $2,536 in contributions under $150. The $9,825 over $150 follow:

  • $2,000 – Carole Sticke, Katy, Texas
  • $600 – Jay Adams, McHenry
  • $540 – Paula Doren, Crystal Lake
  • $500 – Adams Auto Body, McHenry (same address as Jay Adams)
  • $500 – Dennis Conway, McHenry
  • $500 – Brown and Company LLP, Woodstock
  • $500 – John Krenger, Bull Valley
  • $500 – Rosilyn Lavine, Wonder Lake
  • $500 – Timber Works, Inc., Woodstock
  • $450 – Paul Bell, Johnsburg
  • $351 – Total Systems Roofing, Inc., Crystal Lake
  • $350 – Lawyers Guide, Inc., Crystal Lake
  • $270 – Michael Froehlich, Johnsburg
  • $245 – Celeste Olson, Barrington
  • $200 – Leah Chiles, Crystal Lake
  • $200 – Copy Express, Woodstock
  • $200 – Wendi Dickerson, Sugar Grove
  • $200 – Carri Fues, Crystal Lake
  • $200 – Thomas Harrison, McHenry
  • $200 – Patrick King, McHenry
  • $200 – Inge Tyrell, Centennial, Colorado
  • $165 – Barb Klasen, Wonder Lake
  • $151 – Oliphant Technologies, McHenry
  • $151 – All Marine Services, Inc., Cary
  • $151 – Seawalls Unlimited, McHenry
  • $50 – Hartmann Signs, Woodstock

There were also almost $5,000 of in-kind contributions: Most came from Harrison personally or from his law firm – $4,487.36 in all. Other in-kind contributors:

  • $250 – Joe Rosner, Wonder Lake, auction item
  • $151 – Hartmann Signs, Woodstock, signs
  • $150 – Paula Doren, Crystal Lake, auction items

Harrison spent $21,145.90 during the three months ending June 30th. Some was for campaign work, presumably petition passing:

  • $10,895.50 – for campaign work by KNI Communications Inc.,Chicago
  • $740 for campaign work by Paul Stegmaier of Woodstock
  • $654 for campaign work by Bob Menard of Crystal Lake

There were two expenditures for fund raising:

  • $4,647 for d’Andrea’s Banquets
  • $300 Dave Rice Productions

A McHenry County voters registration list from the County Clerk cost $1,696. The Democratic Party was written a $160 check for tickets on June 14th. Isabel’s in Woodstock was paid $231.69 for campaign staff lunches.

Harrison Isabel's sign

Isabel’s Restaurant on Route 47 in Woodstock sports a Harrison for Sheriff yard sign.

Harvard’s Fu Luck China Buffet was similarly used for $177.50.  Isabel’s has a Harrison yard sign out front. $172.52 was spent on an election law handbook. $544 was spent on signs from Hartmann signs. There was $350 for the Marengo Business Expo, which I think was canceled. $339.50 was spent on promotional items from Pro-Tuff Decals of Crystal Lake. Something under $230 was spent at Staples in McHenry, mainly on copies.

Since June 30th, Harrison has gotten some big money:

  • $2,000 – Daniel Shea, Fox River Grove (a former GOP Precinct Committeeman and current Republican Algonquin Township Trustee).
  • $1,000 – Robert Roth, Crystal Lake
  • $1,000 – Frederick Kowalsky, Lauderdale By The Sea, Florida


Sheriff’s Campaign Contributions – Harrison Has Better Second Quarter than Prim — 35 Comments

  1. According to KNI Communications…..they get people elected…..

    Harrison can’t rely on his own qualifications, but has to rely on a company, and an election book.

    Money not well spent….they must have also told him, when all else fails, go after your opponents volunteers.

    I love a man who can think for himself !

  2. Harrison’s D-1 Statement of Organization form………..

    In the dissolution or termination of the committee ( James T. Harrison ), he transfers his residual funds to another political party……

    Doesn’t say what party……..

    Republican ? Democrat ? Independent ? Himself ?

    Contributors BEWARE…….he might even run background checks on all of you !

    GOT SKELETONS ????????

    Bill Prim’s D-1 Statement says he will return his residual funds back to the contributors…..Now there’s a concept.

    I assume that Bill Prim is the more responsible person here.
    Anyone that would like a photo copy, please respond……in case you think I am making this up.

  3. One three too many; total was $7,360.46.

    Also, wonder if Isabel’s business is going up or down?

  4. Not impressed Harrison.

    You’re into ruining families by your own greed to win a political office.

    Dirty campaigning and the money you got from people i feel, is not because of your qualifications and interest to serve the people of McHenry County.

    You are disgusting.

    I will vote for a person who can run on his own merits and run a clean campaign that does not have to resort to Democratic ways of politics.

    I want to be proud of the person I vote for and that is Bill Prim.

  5. If there was a game called ” How low can you go” Harrison would win hands down.

    These people who gave money were probably people who are in the same lawyer circle of friends.

    Maybe not the restaurant he goes to.

    But if someone gave you business wouldn’t you put up his sign.

    Collect all the money you want but it does not erase the fact that you are not qualified to be our next Sheriff.

  6. Speaking of GOT SKELETONS ?

    I’m just asking……….Robert Roth, an attorney in Crystal Lake was arrested Feb. 24th 2013, on a DUI, in Crystal Lake……. a class A misdemeanor…

    Harrison has no problem taking money ( $1,000 contribution ) from people with DUI’s……….

    A TRUE HYPOCRITE !!!!!!!!!

    Didn’t Harrison know about this ?

    I guess he doesn’t check out his volunteers……

    Maybe someone should file an FOIA in Crystal Lake.

    I said it once, and I’m saying it again…….

    Got Skeletons ?..

    Harrison………next time you come to that fork in the road, choose carefully what path you want to take.

    Do you really want to go down THAT road ?

  7. Happy: If you have not already, please post the same info as a comment on the NWH article.

    I think you make a very valid point.

    Dirt begets dirt!

  8. Harrison would your volunteers like to be investigated like Matt.

    When the ____ ______ _____ hits the fan.

    I hope you are standing behind that fan.

  9. Mr. Harrison will make a damn good Sheriff for McHenry County to expose and clear our government from these thugs and bullies.

    Mr. Harrison has earned my vote.

  10. Very interesting comments here.

    I can’t give money to support Mr. Prim but I know he appreciates my support to him in other ways.

    This makes me believe more than ever he is for the common people of McHenry County.

    He knows so much about the Sheriff’s department and his past proves it.

    His honest campaign shows he is not all about winning by hurting people but is about us and serving the people. Prim is the man to vote for.

    Matt you may have messed up 13 years ago but haven’t we all.

  11. Shame on you Mr. Harrison !

    Trying to ruin a mans business! Mr. Prim never said Matt was going to be made UnderSheriff.

    This election should be about qualifications for Sheriff.

    Which Prim has you beat by miles.

    If you’re so concerned, check out Matts superior qualifications on ” ”

    Going back 13 years for info. and not seeing what this man has accomplished to change his life is a disgrace to you and your team.

    I wouldn’t vote for you if you were the only person running. You are a lawyer all the way!

  12. Trying to destroy a mans business and livelihood.

    A man who made a mistake over 13 years and you go after him.

    Also some of your supporters have also made comments to the same destruction.

    I hope they know they can also be named in a law suit. You crossed the line when you mentioned his business.

    I hope everyone goes and checks out Matt on and you will see that Matt is NOT the thug and Bar Room Brawler that Harrison makes him out to be.

  13. I thought I’d NEVER say this, but I think even Zinke hasn’t stooped as low as Harrison………

    You can’t blame what your supporters put out there, but Bill Prim would NEVER stoop this low.

    I’m sure he could have said a lot more about Zinke, but chose not to.

    Bill Prim is a man of integrity……

    Harrison did this all by himself because, being the man he is, wants all the GLORY !

    Harrison is nothing but a BULLY, whose “Raise The Bar “Slogan is a bunch of crap.

    His “Bar” has now slipped in the gutter. Bill Prim has too much integrity to go where you have gone ……

    “Let’s Lead By Example” says Harrison, another outstanding statement, made by a man only interested in WINNING. Your antics will cost you the election.

  14. Duncan you are right. Northwest Herald should be used for bird droppings.

    Remember how Nygren/Zinke the regime ruined lives and families.

    Looks like Harrison is for the same thing.

  15. Cut Mr. Harrison some slack guys… He made a “mistake”… Evidently, he makes “mistakes” quite often… and some are considerably large!

    Like this one written about in the tribune, where he “mistakenly” overbilled AND COLLECTED more than $16,000 from the county, for legal work never performed!

    But, in the end, he did “the right thing”…

    When someone combed through 1000 pages of records and caught the “mistake”, Mr. Harrison returned the money to the county and was not prosecuted.

    I’m sure he’ll be more careful with his “mistakes” if elected sheriff!

  16. Maybe the Tribune will have another article about Harrison’s antics.

    You never know.

    Bringing up a volunteers personal past over 13 years ago may be a story in itself.

    Maybe,maybe not.

  17. There will be a lot of things disclosed about Harrison in the coming months…

  18. i sure hope Matt doesn’t let this go.

    You are not untouchable Harrison.

  19. Another fine example of the Prim Regime antics with threats and terrorism to promote a terror campaign supported by bullies just like Matt McNamara.

    Stop this terrorism by voting for Jim Harrison as the next Sheriff of McHenry County.

  20. Terrorism, now that’s a new one.

    Who is most qualified to be the next Sheriff is in their qualifications and if you read and compare them, Prim is the winner and he does not run a dirty campaign trying to hurt anyone.

  21. Eric C…. Quit acting like a drama queen.

    There is no terrorism from anyone supporting Prim…

    The qualified candidate is Bill Prim not that lawyer from the Jim Harrison show.

    Is it true Harrison’s kids from a former marriage don’t even speak to him?

    Just asking.

    So far, Prim has not said one bad thing about Harrison….

  22. Sounds now like Jim Harrison is further threatening Matt McNamara and also the supporters of Bill Prim.

    Read his comment on the Herald back to Paul.

    Do we want a qualified Sheriff who is Prim or an attorney as he so sounds in his reply?

  23. To Bazinga:

    While I agree with your support of Bill Prim, the person we need as the next Sheriff, I take umbrage with your sweepinng statement addressing Jim Harrison, “you’re a lawyer all the way.”

    Remember not all attorneys are like Jim Harrison.

    There are good and bad in all professions, career paths, jobs, services, and lawyer bashing from you and anyone else is a disservice to the many hardworking, honorable people in the legal profession, and elsewhere, many of whom support Bill Prim.

  24. Was the article on Matt by Jim Harrison, published intentionally on September 11th ?

    Tactics by an ethically challenged Lawyer ?

    Rambo Lawyer who is overzealous about winning at all costs ?

    Diverts attention from the real question…………qualifications !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Eric is claiming threats and terroris.


    Sounds like Harrison is the one threatening people, in his letter on the NWH. B

    etter, turn that finger around Eric.

  26. Just like the loser Zinke situation, those who donated money to Zinke loss..

    And those who donate money to Harrison will soon realize, they lost too.

    Mr. Bill Prim is the ONLY clear true person we want as McHenry County to be our next Sheriff.

  27. I figured Harrison would try anything to divert attention away from his “No qualifications list” for running for Sheriff.

    Lets see, all I see is Sheriff’s department employee for just a little over 7 years, 25 years ago

    Black Belt in some kind of Doe thing


    Hmmmmm not much to go on

    I’ll stick with Prim who has so many qualifications that I can’t type that long.

    Most of all he is for serving the people of McHenry County

    Yep, Bill is the Man

  28. Watch, Mr. I want to be a Sheriff, will most likely come out with personal attacks because that’s all he can do.

    People know qualifications when they see them and Jimmy, you don’t have any.

    You are right Voter, I can’t see anything more than a lawyer and nothing that would qualify him as a Sheriff.

    As a matter of fact even to be a Deputy he would have to go back to the academy before he could even be hired in the department.

  29. I’m starting my own personal boycott of every company and service person who donated to the Harrison sham Manchurian candidacy.

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