Hammerand Comments on UDO, the Proposed County Zoning Ordinance

Hammerand + Prim WL fundraiserMcHenry County Board member John Hammerand has been actually reading the proposed Unified Development Ordinance.

His most recent observations appear below:

This ordinance is faulty in its construction and premise.

We restrict what should be unrestricted and free that which should be contained.

Before the proposed amendments (and there are attorneys still working on providing new language), the Adult Use Chapter weakly prohibited – an example being that background checks and fingerprinting is not required. Liberty does not include enslaving others to our will – children, animals, women, and men are all on the menu.

Freedom does not include building structures so close to one another that Fire can spread from one house to the next.

So I am against the reduction of distance on New Construction with building side yards from 10 feet to 5 feet or less by the addition of Porches with roofs, stairwells or access ramps.

This is a danger to Fire Fighters and Residents.

The ordinance does provide for unconstitutional Infringement of Religion.  “Congress shall make no Law respecting an Establishment of Religion OR prohibiting the FREE Exercises thereof”.

We only allow by right a Place of Worship in some business zones and by conditional use in residential, estate and agricultural are as (conditional uses usually cost in excess of $4,000).

When a family or group of 2 or 3 gathers in prayer – that is a place of worship and a violation of the Ordinance.

We the People have a right to the peaceful enjoyment of our property – we should not have to worry about parking or use of our Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycles, ATVs, and Snowmobiles on our own residential property.

WL Boat trailer + pickup

This could be made illegal under the original Unified Development Ordinance.

McHenry County’s culture and lure is Recreation – from our Rivers and Lakes to our snow-covered fields.


When we lose this freedom to enjoy nature in our own way, we will become another Barren Bedroom Suburb of Chicago.

As when we legislate eyeglasses and ear muffs for shooters.

This may be good sense but like motorcycle helmets it is for the individual to decide.

Hunting has been long tradition in McHenry County.

I have personally been awoken at sunrise with the gunshots of duck and goose hunters.

It makes me proud to know that our country still has skilled users of firearms to continue to protect our liberty if the need arises.

Our Country was conceived in Liberty.  This ordinance is about how to chain that Liberty.


Hammerand Comments on UDO, the Proposed County Zoning Ordinance — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you John Hammerand for protecting the rights of the people.

    Once a inch of our right to makes choices is taken, they will soon ask for a mile.

  2. Mr Hammerand, what can we citizens do now to preserve our rights to practice safe and responsible firearms use on our own private property?

  3. John your wisdom is only exceeded by your passion for the truth.

    Freedom is evaporating from the county inch by inch.

    I hope to join you on the board so that there are more voices for less government!

    Less is more!

  4. Is it too much to ask that my representative help craft the document that is still in development- you know the one that had NUMEROUS public meetings to hear citizen input on?

    I don’t remember an impassioned email to come out and help.

    At least learn to veil your agenda better.

    When is your less government diatribe going to include your own benefits?

    Maybe start with the size of the County board or tax payer paid healthcare, pension and mileage?

    You know what pointing out problems without a solution is known as???


  5. Every building code I know of is fine with 5 foot fire separation distances in residential areas (e.g. NFPA 5000, ch. 34; IBC 2009, sec. 705; don’t have BOCA 99 handy to check but I think so).

    Does John know something about fire safety that professional building code organizations don’t?

  6. But there’s a goat in the UVA woodpile …. a goat-emoller whose constant sniping at John makes me ill.

  7. “We the People have a right to the peaceful enjoyment of our property”

    Yes. Indeed.

    and this means not having to listen to my neighbor shoot guns 8 hours a day on saturday and sunday.

    We need common sense ordinances.

    If you live in a densely populated area and have over 100 neighbors around you, you should not be able to shoot guns in your backyard.

    You should be able to do this in less densely populated areas.

  8. Less is more. My a$$.

    Especially when most people are selfish and self-absorbed and could care less about their neighbors.

    It is because of these people we need laws.

    Without laws the garbage would pile up around peoples garages, broken down cars would rust on cinderblocks, open burning of just about everything (including a Lazy boy Recliner), shooting guns willy nilly into the cornfield (berm? who needs that?!) and before you say”No way”.

    Yes, I have experienced all of the above in Woodstock and needed the nasty old government to go over and throw the law around.

    So all of you so-called libertarians, please reel in your freedom songs in and use the gray matter that rests in-between your ears and really think about half the crap you spout around here.

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