Prim Fundraiser Saturday

Most people locally don’t have a clue that there is a little settlement called Lawrence in the far northwestern part of McHenry County.  I’m not sure I have ever been there.

Lawrence is the location of a pig roast fundraiser being thrown by Republican candidate Sheriff’ Bill Prim.

It will run from 2-6 and will be held at 22,709 Oak Grove Road, located northwest of Harvard.

The cost is $30 for one, $50 for two, $10 per child.

Since I’ll be challenged finding it, I pasted a map below the invitation.

I’m going to take Route 14 to Harvard and, then, turn left on Route 173.

When I reach Lawrence Road, I’m going to turn right and follow the road through a dogleg to Oak Grove Road, turn right again and look for the House of Lawrence.

Prim invite 9-20-14

Bill Prim has a fundraiser Saturday.

Lawrence, House of

The House of Lawrence map.


Prim Fundraiser Saturday — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks Cal for the map.

    This is going to be the Best Pig Roast ever.

    Great food and games for everyone.

    Lots of parking too.

    Lets make this day one that shows just how much we support ” The Right Man
    at the Right Time”

    A man with Honor and Integrity. A man who will serve the people of our County !!!

    I hear the weather is going to be perfect.

    See everyone there.

  2. An easier way to get there is to just continue north on Rt. 14 and turn left onto Oak Grove Road.

    It’ll take you right there.

  3. Heard it’s going to be a Western Luau, so wear your jeans and dress comfy, cowboy boots and hats !

    If you happen to have a grass skirt and coconuts, feel free to wear that too.

    We’re going to have a great time !!!


  4. I’ve got my boots ready and I’m looking forward to a great day!

    Are we going to do the Hula?

  5. We can only hope that Prim keeps his right-hand man away.

    If not, I hope Prim increases security for fear that McNamara decides to take a woman for a spin around the parking lot by the hair.

  6. “Eric” return to the the Harrison camp….

    We can only hope McNamara takes you to the cleaners…

    Gordy has special seating for you in his office? WOW!

    You must be special…

  7. Oh Eric nothing is going to change the great opinion of Prim that the people have.

    You guys are desperate and we all know that.

    If you Harrison supporters and Harrison want to try and hurt a volunteer then fine.

    You can try and hit on all of us during your volunteer investigations.

    Actually now everyone can see your true colors and how Harrison works,dirty mudslinging campaign.

    We all will stick with Prim.

    A man who is for the people of McHenry County.

  8. Last I heard it was Harrison against Prim

    Last I heard Prim has outdone Harrison by experience and everything

    Last I heard Harrison only has experience in the Sheriff’s department of less than 8 years and 25 years ago. Only an attorney

    Last I heard Harrison’s judgement should be questioned working for the Pack/Nygren era(association) (Not saying he did anything wrong)

    Last I heard Harrison likes to investigate volunteers on things 14 years ago, trying to dig up anything in a desperate attempt

    Last I heard Prim is running a clean campaign and won’t resort to mudslinging

    Last I heard Prim is running on his own merit.

    See Everyone Saturday.

  9. Gee by the phone calls I’m getting ” Now how do you get there” it looks like this Pig Roast is going to be awesome and a lot of Prim supporters will be there.

    One side note: Practice your hula hooping ,sounds like a fun game to me

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