Nygren Puts Pressure on Employees to Attend $45 Retirement Dinner

McHenry County Sheriff’s Department employees got an email yesterday urging them to attend Sheriff Keith Nygren’s retirement party Thursday night.

And, what a deal!

Instead of the $60 a person price, Sheriff’s Department employees who buy tickets will only be charged $45.

The invitation is below.  It was accompanied by an email saying the following:

Since Sheriff Nygren began his service as Sheriff of McHenry County in April of 1997, 320 of our over 400 current employees have been hired.

This is a testament to how many people can be thankful for Sheriff Nygren as he individually approves each new hire.

YOU are a very special part of his retirement party celebration.

You are his Legacy!

You can still turn in your RSVP thru this Thursday.

Thank you and Looking forward to seeing you there!

I haven’t discovered who sent the email, but you can see the invitation below. ¬†Note checks are to be made out to “Nygren Retirement.”

Somehow I doubt the price of the meal and hiring the hall is $45.

Nygren invitation to employees 9-15-14


Nygren Puts Pressure on Employees to Attend $45 Retirement Dinner — 29 Comments

  1. I’m going.

    Someone needs to thank a long-time civil servant.

    Dum Dum please stay home- if you came you might actually learn something other than the pablum from blog sites.

    I’ve known Keith for over 35 years- from his early days in Crystal Lake.

    Wonderful man, and, as the saying goes, “someone you SHOULD know”.

  2. AZ going to Nygrens party ?..

    Ok, so far 1 person going.

    If you know so much about this guy, why in the world would you want anything to do with him?

  3. So I see my suggestion of a long double line of taxpayers, with paddles in hand for this character to run through, isn’t on the agenda.

    I’d pay $100 for a whack at his rump.

    $200, if he has to grab his ankles while going through the gauntlet.

  4. The next e-mail from the Sheriff’s Dept. will be :

    We need seat fillers, All MCSO employees & Family Members FREE

  5. Knowing Nygren for 35 years is something a person should keep to themselves.

    I also heard that Harrison’s supporters were going so that makes you and 2 other people.

    Have fun.

  6. Gosh Keith Baby, you gotta buy your friends?

    Just asking!

    By the way, you can’t pay for legacies, you have to earn them.

    Bet theres gonna be a lot of popcorn there…lol…

    They may even roll in the Tv and the couch for some reruns of those famous Tv shows “Let’s Make a Deal” because “The Price is Right”

    Some addictions are just too difficult to overcome.

    Better get that evaluated all you participants.

    If Gordy’s gonna be there, you can bet I will show up to shake his hand.

    Besides, I want to ask questions….

    Hope your’e ready Gordy!

  7. Is this the same a-hole that paid Pyle the pedophile his salary for 9 months after he was arrested ?

    Didn’t he hire Pyle ?

    And promote him? And put him in charge of internet sex crimes?

    A legacy to be proud of.

  8. Why is Nygren having a retirement party more than two months before his retirement date?

    Is he planning to leave early and get out of “Dodge”?

    If the County had an Inspector General or IAD, they ought to investigate who sent the party notice, if it involved sending from or to employees’ work email addresses on County server.

  9. Investigate who sent a party notice.

    Who cares.

    There was a lot more that could have been investigated over Nygrens years.

    On to a brighter future with Bill Prim as our next Sheriff

  10. Holding their feet to the fire is the only way to thoroughly clean up the corruption.

    Everything from the regime must be investigated and everyone needs to be held accountable.

  11. Gus, you left McHenry County and nobody really cares what you think which is apparent by the lack of comments on your pitiful blog.

    Please just fade into the sunset

  12. Anybody who goes to this fake-tribute must savor retarded-sandwiches.

    Maybe his flunkeys will be handin’ out free tickets to all the illegal aliens who owe the present office for their sweet way-stop in McHenry Co. on their way to Canada.

  13. Nygren is a dispicable man.

    He is a hate fill tyrant.

    He is an unprofessional THUG.

    He has a legacy of disgrace.

    He was harmful to the Crystal Lake PD and ruined the moral by supporting Linder and Lowery.

    Now all 3 thugs are gone.

    Nygren ruined the MCSO and it is in dissaray.

    It will take 8 years to clean it up.

    He has decimated the Republican Party.

    He was a democrat the whole time and he’s alienated more people than anyone could possibly have done unintentionally.

    Nygren is more than a failure.

    He is an intentional tyrant.

    Any sycophant who shows up at this party reveals himself to be a LOSER and a WUSS.

    Shame on anyone who supports this thug.

  14. Skeptic, you sure hit the nail on the head.

    I can’t believe anyone would go to this charade.

    Anyone who was even remotely involved with him should not be considered for any office and that includes the upcoming Sheriff’s race.

    We have a chance of a great future with voting for Bill Prim as our next Sheriff of McHenry County.

    If we vote otherwise we are bringing the Democratic thug days back.

  15. Most likely Jack Franks will be there along with, of course, Zinke and Nygren’s fellow buddy Jim Harrison.

  16. Except for people whose careers are on the line, anyone who goes to this event is really just a bad person.

    Why would any idiot PAY MONEY for a political-position retirement party?

    Think of that….what need will Nygren have for political donations if he’s retiring?

    This is nothing more than extortion of money from people who has received Nygren’s support.

    Nygren arrested his enemies and let his friends go free.

    Skeptic is right – only a wuss or a loser would attend this sham.

    Any attendee would prove themselves dumber than a rock: to give Nygren a political donation for his political retirement.

    What a laugh.

    Cal, take note of all the Republican policos who are there.

    I will actively support the opponents of any politicians who attend.

    The whole Franks family will be there, no doubt – they have to pay off their pal, Nygren, for all his support to Jack Franks these past 16 years.

    Beware, Republican politicians.

    Attending this party will gain you nothing but enemies for life.

    Be smart, stay home, Nygren has robbed the system enough.

  17. Yep, Jack emptied his pail and now he is coming back for a refill.

    You would be surprised how much…… you can fit in that pail….

    Hmmmmmm Could it be guilt by association?

    We shall see who attends…

  18. Gosh AZ, does that make you guilty?

    You really should be helping Andy with those holes.

    Because, the local 150 boys can’t keep up with him…..

    Our greatest hope is that Andy leaves town and takes you with him…


    Hey facts, I got dogs need some dog sh…t?

    I’ll put it in a pail for Jack and Jill…

  19. Hey AZ, I have met Keith Nygren and he is not someone I should know.

    In fact, he use to come to my house for Republican get togethers…..

    While he was downstairs I was upstairs talking to the FBI and answering questions about Keith Nygren and Gary Pack…lol…

    Let me tell you, the reviews on Keith Nygren and Gary Pack, left a lot to be desired….

    If only, the people of McHenry County knew what was going on right under their noses while Keith and Gary were in office.

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