Libertarians Stay on the Ballot

Julie Fox in front of the movie theater at Fair Diddley in mid-May.

State Comptroller candidate Julie Fox gathering signatures in front of the Woodstock movie theater at Fair Diddley in mid-May.

A Republican attempt to knock Libertarian Party candidates off the fall ballot has failed.

Sangamon County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Kelley handed down the decision today.

Most observers think that Libertarian candidates will draw more votes from Republicans than from Democrats.

In the Tribune’s most recent poll, the Libertarian candidate for Governor,┬áChad Grimm, had over 5%.

Five percent is the gold standard for third parties.

Upon achieving that in an election, the party moves up in “Big Boy” country and doesn’t have to get the onerous number of petition signatures to get on the next ballot that are required of minor parties.

Green Party candidates are thought to take votes mainly from the Democratic Party.

The Green Party, led by gubernatorial candidate Scott Summers of Harvard, a former President of the McHenry County College Board, failed to gain enough valid signatures to gain ballot access.


Libertarians Stay on the Ballot — 7 Comments

  1. The Green Party is booted off the ballot because it would certainly draw more democrats … but the Libertarians stay on …. what a stinking state … and it’s judiciary reeks to high heaven.

  2. Congrats to the Libertarians!

    Jule is the most qualified candidate.

    OldManWinter is dead on!

    More parties on the ballot is better!

  3. The Democrats have been working for a long time to control the courts.

    Yesterday they also ruled in the Dems favor in the state of Kansas. T

    he courts in Ohio ruled against a slight reduction in early voting hours.

    The feds will not permit citizenship verification for election registration.

    on and on —

    One way to slow the Dem. juggernaut in the judicial system is to get Paul Schimpf elected.

    He would be an excellent Atty. Gen.


  4. It has nothing to do with Greens or Libertarians taking away Republican votes.

    The Constitution Party would take votes away from Republicans and they’re not on the ballot either.

    The Libertarian Party is the only third party to get enough valid signatures to be on the ballot.

    That’s all there is to it.

  5. Libertarians need to figure out the true meaning of Libertarian because i think a lot of them are confused.

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