Small Business Gives Jack Franks Low Marks

A press release from GOP State Rep. candidate Steve Reick:

Steve Reick Comments on Jack Franks’ 14% Rating from NFIB

Republican candidate points to incumbent as a roadblock to business development

Steve Reick, the Republican candidate for the Illinois General Assembly for the 63rd District commented on the recent legislative report card from the National Federation of Independent Business, which gives Jack Franks an abysmal 14% approval rating.

State Rep. candidate Steve Reick goes where opponent Jack Franks has never gone--the Crystal Lake 4th of July Parade.  Rcick's district includes the far northwestern portion of Crystal Lake.  State Senator Pam Althoff can be seen in the background.

State Rep. candidate Steve Reick goes where opponent Jack Franks has never gone–the Crystal Lake 4th of July Parade.

“Jack Franks richly deserves the low rating he received from the NFIB,” said Reick.

“From his sponsorship of a bill which places greater reporting burdens on contractors under the Prevailing Wage law to his vote in May for a $100 million tax increase on businesses that self-insure, Jack’s been strangling small businesses, which are the backbone of the State’s economy.”

The National Federation of Independent Business focuses on the impact of current and proposed legislation on businesses (primarily small businesses) and professional practices at all levels of government, but primarily at the federal and state levels. Its 2014 report card rated legislators on specific list of bills which have an impact on its membership.

“When he was first elected 16 years ago, my opponent received a 45% rating from the NFIB.

“While that wasn’t great, to now have a rating of only 14% says everything we need to know about who’s really pulling Franks’ strings and why the business climate in Illinois is so toxic.”


Small Business Gives Jack Franks Low Marks — 2 Comments

  1. Who gives Franks high marks?





    Franks will never, ever go any higher than State Rep.

    He’s such a phony, the Demos don’t even trust him.

  2. Re: “even the dems don’t trust him””.

    This is very true but the level of stupidity in the NorWest Townships and Dorr is absolutely astounding!!!

    A known conservative, Schuster, was voted out and a massive rooftop supporter and YES man replaced her!!

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