125 at Bill Prim Pig Roast

Selecting about the most northwest venue in McHenry County–the settlement of Lawrence northwest of Harvard–Republican candidate for Sheriff Bill Prim had a good crowd.

One estimated the turnout at about 125 people at the House of Lawrence.

In her introduction of the candidate McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandy Salgado noted the relatively few politicians in attendance.

To have so many unattached to the political infrastructure is uncommon at local GOP fundraisers.

“My faith is in Bill, a guy that’s going to come into the office with integrity,” she said.

“He’s going to ensure that McHenry County has premier law enforcement.”

Anton Cundiff

Anton Cundiff

A surprise attendee was retired McHenry County Sheriff’s Captain Anton Cundiff.

He flew in from Arizona.

That he attended Prim’s fundraiser and spoke in his support is significant because in October, 2012, when Jim Harrison was still identifying himself as a Republican, Cundiff was sitting at his table at Port Edward was being identified as Harrison’s campaign manager.

“I saw both sides,” Cundiff said after being introduced by Prim.

Then, he said he was supporting Prim.

“[He’s] the best man for this job.

“There’s no doubt about that.”

Looking at Prim across the room, he said, “You’ve got 90% support [in the Sheriff’s Department] who want you to be Sheriff.”

Addressing the audience, he said, “He’s the man for the job.”

Prim pledged that, while being fiscally conservative, that approach would not “affect any boots on the ground.  In fact,” he said he was “going to increase that.”

Bill Prim spoke to his supporters.

Bill Prim spoke to his supporters.

Prim reported reading the book “No Country for Old Men,” a novel about Texas Sheriff Ed Tom Bell.

Prim has patterned his campaign on the advice of that Sheriff, specifically,

“If you’re throwing dirt, you’re losing ground.”

“I don’t throw dirt,” he said.

“I’ll be proud to be your Sheriff,” Prim continued.

“When we come into [office] to serve the public [I’ll be] working to keep McHenry County the finest place in the world.”

Among candidates at the event were Steve Reick, running against Democrat Jack Franks for State Representative, Glenda Miller, running unopposed or McHenry County Treasurer, and County Board candidates Larry Smith, Donna Kurtz and Andrew Gasser.


125 at Bill Prim Pig Roast — 37 Comments

  1. People in Lawrence really came out to learn about and support Bill.

    I myself never even knew of Lawrence.

    What nice people and they were arriving 30 min. before the event and some even came 30 min. before the end of the event.

    Mr. Cundiff who was going to be Harrison’s campaign manager even turned around and supports Prim .

    When a person learns about not only Bill’s excellent qualifications, they learn what Bill stands for and what type of person Bill is.

    Vote Prim in November and be part of turning the McHenry County Sheriff’s department into what is suppose to be.

  2. One nice thing about Prim’s events and fundraisers is that they are not for the running politicians, although they support Bill, I feel Prim’s events are for the “People”.

    A chance to get to know them and what they want in the Sheriff’s department for improvement.

    One thing for sure, when you leave an event, you feel like you have known Prim for years and he could be your neighbor.

  3. Really good analogy by Prim…..

    McHenry County will never be the same once Prim officially takes office….

    We have waited decades for this to happen, and now it is up to the people to get out on election day and cast their vote..

  4. Is there a difference between “throwing dirt” and pointing out dirt when you see it?

    An internal Des Plaines Police Department investigation conducted by Deputy Chief Angela Burton, found Police Officers under Commander Bill Prim violated the following laws, rules and regulations– Des Plaines Police Department General Orders, Rules and Regulations. Specifically, Rules of Conduct: 310.02, Unbecoming Conduct; 310.30, Performance of Duty; 310.34, Obedience to Law and Regulations; 310.36, Reporting Violations of Laws Ordinances, Rules or Orders; 380.60 Impartial Attitude;390.50 Truthfulness as well as General Order 13.14, Transportation of Prisoners/Citizens; and General Order; 10.01, Reporting of Force. Rules of Conduct: 310.02, Unbecoming Conduct; 310.30, Performance of Duty; 310.34, Obedience to Law and Regulations; 310.36, Reporting Violations of Laws Ordinances, Rules or Orders; 380.60 Impartial Attitude; 390.50, Truthfulness as when as General Order 6.01, Lockup; and General Order 10.01, Use/Reporting of Force.

    Bill Prim’s own testimony under oath said about these violations, “me as a supervisor, I didn’t do anything about it once I knew about it either. ”

    McNamara is just one example of many where Mr. Prim knew of an cop doing really bad things and fail to take a stand. Do a search on this blog and see if he was really “just a volunteer”. Remember Cal openly endorses Prim so this reliable info.

    Shouldn’t a Sheriff obey the law and make his people do so too?

    Lastly, Mr. Prim promised to debate Harrison when/if he became a certified candidate. Harrison has. Prim won’t. When Andy Zinke was reluctant to debate Prim he released a strong statement that read in part,“Republican candidate for Sheriff Bill Prim Saturday called Andrew Zinke’s decision to pull out of the only scheduled debate a decision that denies the people of McHenry County a chance to weigh for themselves the qualities and abilities of the two candidates. “Mr. Zinke has now deprived the voters of an excellent opportunity not only to learn our positions on the issues but to get a sense of the man behind the positions, and how we conduct ourselves in a high-stakes, high-pressure environment. “The Sheriff’s Office, and law enforcement in general, is frequently stressful,” Prim added. “Voters want to see for themselves how a candidate for that office operates when he has to think on his feet and make rapid decisions. Mr. Zinke has just denied the voters that chance, and that is a feeble showing indeed.”

    This press release was removed from PrimforSheriff.org in the last few days. But you can find, as of right now, at http://mchenrycountyblog.com/2013/12/30/prim-says-he-hasnt-heard-of-two-debates-zinke-used-to-duck-patriots-united-sheriffs-debate/

    Harrison is clear he will debate in front of nearly any group that cares to sponsor one.

  5. Everyone had a great time….. no doubts that so many people showed up……they know Bill Prim is The Right Man for the job !

    Cal , I think you underestimated the count !

  6. All lies from Just Joe but what do you the Harrison people are going to do.

    People know the true Bill Prim. The event was Prim meeting the community.

    No lies, no dirt, no real campaigning so to say. People getting together
    to have fun.

    Read Prim’s facebook and see how refreshing it is to be positive and looking
    ahead. No talk about the person running against him.

    The people as one undivided.

    We will see in November that running an honest,clean campaign,on your own
    merit is what will win the victory for Bill Prim.

    No matter what anyone tries to do people will not change their minds.
    it is all about.

  7. Wow, just plain fun and getting to know Bill.

    Prim has my vote all the way.

  8. This is a bit of a game changer for me.

    I have been very critical of some of the nastiness that comes from some of those who also claim support for Prim.

    Perhaps I have unfairly painted the man with the same brush that applies for some of his more vitriolic supporters.

    Tony Cundiff is someone I respect, is consistent and is proven, if Prim has impressed him I am going to seriously reevaluate my past concerns.

  9. McHenry voter, I’d invite you to look at Deputy Chief Angela Burton’s investigation report and Bill Prim’s testimony from his deposition of Bueno vs. Des Plaines.

    I cut and paste right from those publicly available documents.

    If you are an honest person you may wish to apologize.

    Please know I have no hard feelings towards you. You have been mislead by people you thought you could trust.

    Does the last line in your comment mean that truth does not matter more than loyalty?

    I hope not.

  10. “Just Joe” Go bury your head in the…..

    No one cares what you have to say…

    Prim is the right guy for the job.

    No one, wants old baggage for a newer and better sheriff.


  11. Joe, lot of cutting and pasting going on with your “reports” .

    I recall Pete Gonigam from First Electric Newspaper stating that he has read the reports and that Prim was not implicated in any way.

    Also, one report saying Prim was “present” meaning he was in the building but NOT WHERE THE INCIDENT OCCURRED.

    You people just do not seem to understand the language of these types of reports.

  12. McHenry voter, perhaps you should contact Cundiff and get the truth.

  13. far as that debate goes, right in the beginning, Zinke wanted to debate Prim, Prim said yes,Harrison who was going to run along with Zinke and Prim on the Republican ticket.

    Harrison wanted to join the debate and Prim said yes. The intention at that time was the 3 were going to debate.

    Well HARRISON was the one who changed HIS mind becoming MR. Flip Flop and bowed out of the Republican side.

    Who knew what Harrison was going to do at that time.

    So the debate went on between Prim and Zinke.

    So Prim never went back on his word. He was going to debate Harrison and Zinke at that time.

    Now Mr.Wonderful wants a debate.

    He had his chance.

    Now all he wants is to play lawyer with exhibit A, exhibit B.

    Who wants to listen to a debate and have Harrison turn it into a trial.

    Not anyone.

    The people already have their answers from Prim during the first debate and his plans for the Sheriff’s department hasn’t changed and he has only added to his list of qualifications.

    Vote Prim

  14. Had a great time at the Pig Roast yesterday !

    Lots of new people came out to meet Bill.

    Prim IS the Right Man for Sheriff !

  15. Well “head burying” limits one’s participation in civil public discourse which is a precious right and a vital function in our political process.

    Mr. Gonigan was likely from the Arbitratorion Report.

    The “An internal Des Plaines Police Department investigation conducted by Deputy Chief Angela Burton, found Police Officers under Commander Bill Prim violated the following laws, rules and regulations– Des Plaines Police Department General Orders, Rules and Regulations. Specifically, Rules of Conduct: 310.02, Unbecoming Conduct; 310.30, Performance of Duty; 310.34, Obedience to Law and Regulations; 310.36, Reporting Violations of Laws Ordinances, Rules or Orders; 380.60 Impartial Attitude;390.50 Truthfulness as well as General Order 13.14, Transportation of Prisoners/Citizens; and General Order; 10.01, Reporting of Force. Rules of Conduct: 310.02, Unbecoming Conduct; 310.30, Performance of Duty; 310.34, Obedience to Law and Regulations; 310.36, Reporting Violations of Laws Ordinances, Rules or Orders; 380.60 Impartial Attitude; 390.50, Truthfulness as when as General Order 6.01, Lockup; and General Order 10.01, Use/Reporting of Force.” is accurately quoted from the conclusion of Deputy Burton’s report.

    The “Bill Prim’s own testimony under oath said about these violations, “me as a supervisor, I didn’t do anything about it once I knew about it either.’ quote is exact and from the transcript of Prim’s sworn testimony for the Arbitrator. It is in perfect, direct context. Not edited or spun. I’d be happy to share, just post your email address. Or FOIA Des Plaines.

    Voter, check old blog stories. You’ll see your facts are kind of exactly backwards.

    NEW ARGUMENT:If you KNEW for certain Prim knew Officers who he was “fully responsible” for broke laws, regulations and heads, AND that Prim knew and did nothing would you change your vote??? I know you don’t believe that”. But play along, please. T

    What if was not just a onetime thing? How many cases would are you willing to give him a pass on? One? Two? A dozen? Is there a tripline number, assuming absolute proof, of thug behavior by subordinates and associates of Bill Prim that would change your vote?

  16. Every ranking officer or commander has a scope of authority.

    Joe you know nothing about law enforcement and the workings of a department.

    There is what is known as a chain of command.

    So when you accuse someone of not acting on a situation you had better go up the ladder a bit and you will find the person or persons that should be held accountable are on the top of that ladder not commanders or Sgt’s. or Lt.’s.

    Your ignorance in the department shows.You are making comments on things you don’t understand.

    People are sticking with Prim

  17. How many countless cases have “been given a pass” in McHenry County??

    How many Nolle prossed back in the day for folks friendly to the former SA’s office?

    Come on people do the research…it is out there…

  18. butseriouslynow, Thank you for reconsidering your position on Bill Prim.

    His supporters get carried away, ( and I say that loosely, and I am also to blame ) because we feel so STRONGLY that he would make an exceptional Sheriff for McHenry County.

    Bill Prim has the Experience, Integrity, and Honesty, we all want in a Sheriff.

    To blame him, for what his supporters say, would be unjust.

    Bill Prim supporters “WANT HIM AS THEIR SHERIFF ”

    As one of his supporters, I apologize for giving you reason to doubt that HE IS THE BEST !

  19. J J…… Assuming Absolute proof, thug behaviors by Subordinates and Associates OF Bill Prim………is NOT BILL PRIM !

    Absolute proof of behaviors of Nygren, Pack, and Harrison TOGETHER are game changers !

    Harrison, himself, makes threats, I’ll get you…chapter 3…..

    I don’t care if his threats are as long as “War In Peace”…….he’s making them himself……NOT his supporters !

    This comment is without the consent of Bill Prim.

    I am a supporter.

  20. There is no excuse for front line law enforcement breaking any laws ever.

    They have a responsibility to live as an example of upright citizens for others to follow.

    If those who lead the front line law enforcement directly, such as lowly commanders who are shift leaders, hold no responsibility for anyone’s behavior under them then they are both extraneous and hypocritical.

    Every person is responsible for themselves and those they lead.

    If Prim had direct knowledge and responsibility for the widely documented illegal behaviors of those on the Des Plaines PD and he did nothing then he is a problem.

    Considering his close personal relationship with McHenry County States Attorney Lou Bianchi Prim would then have carte blanche to continue breaking the law as Sheriff.

    If he had direct knowledge and responsibility for those illegal behaviors of those officers.

    Prim might be the right choice in this election but his association with a PD known for its civil rights violations bears close scrutiny before and after the election.

    If he manages to win the election.

    The arrogant belief the 50% of republicans and all democrats/independents who don’t automatically support Prim don’t matter at all may haunt the rabid Prim commenters here come November.

  21. Bringing up Des Plaines is a dead deal.

    Prim was cleared of everything and this is what Harrison wants to talk about.

    Not going to fall for that so for all the Prim supporters I wouldn’t comment on all this.

  22. Okay, so Prim’s highly touted law enforcement experience is relevant, but not so his documented record of enabling wrong doing by people under his command? Does not Prim’s being aware of and allowing bad by his subordinates and associates show a serious failure to provide leadership?

    Why was Prim’s Zinke Debate Press Release taken down from his campaign’s web site? To demonstrate integrity and honesty perhaps?

    Do YOU want a Sheriff who has a history of letting cops take people from holding cells and beat them? If someone you know is beaten while in handcuffs by a Deputy who knows the Sheriff will let him get away with it, will you care then? These are things Prim knew about and allowed before and will again if elected.

    Honesty. Was Prim being honest when he claimed McNamara was “just a volunteer”? Search this blog for McNamara stories and judge for yourself. He was McNamara’s boss at De Plained PD and admitted he knew of all those assaults but did not know the details. If that is true it is because he never asked.

    Knee jerk anger and attacking me for asking questions is not going to change the facts about Prim. READ the documents. Don’t let loyalty blind you to truth.

  23. Joe, change your name to “Johnny One NOte”.

    Throwing inaccurate info against the wall to see what sticks bush league politics.

    This is sliding down the wall and landing on the floor.

    We do not need these type of people in office.

    VERIFIED – this incident took place on Prim’s day off.


    Harrison tries to put Prim in a place when he was NOT> Cannot be in 2 places at once.

  24. James K you are right but Harrison wants to keep this topic going because he has nothing else.

    PRIM WAS NOT THERE(which you forgot to mention)

    PRIM WAS NOT ON DUTY ( which you forgot to mention)

    Harrison wants to keep this going because he has nothing else negative to say about Prim.

    I have an idea, Just Joe, why not tell Harrison to run on his own merit.

    Now that would be an idea but I understand that he only has being an attorney and being a deputy 25 years ago for less than 8 years.

  25. Just Joe,

    I can relate how you feel to that of a newborn baby.

    It sucks when Mommy takes away your rattle..

    Just like when the citizens of McHenry County voted your pal Nygren and his cronies out of here…

    Time to get rid of that cancer that has plaque the good hard working men and women of McHenry County Sheriffs Office.

    The citizens have voted, and has chosen the best educated, experienced and ethical man as our next Sheriff of the County, Mr. Bill Prim.

  26. Here is a question for you just Joe. Harrison said that he ONLY brought up a person in Prim’s campaign because he was questioning Prim’s judgement.

    First the person turns out to be a volunteer and dirt slinging seems to be the thing now in Harrison’s campaign. Anyway How can ANYONE question Prim’s judgement

    He has:
    1. 29 year professional law enforcement career
    2. Held Specialty positions as a
    A. Swat Officer
    B. U.S. Customs & Drug Enforcement Task Force Officer
    C. Hostage & Tactical Unit/Investigation Supervisor
    3. Prim was a task force officer for the United States Customs Service
    4. Prim was the National Coordinator for State & Local Law Enforcement Agencies
    5. Prim worked with the Combined Agency Border Intelligence Network.
    6. Prim worked his way up the ranks as
    A. Patrol Officer
    B. Detective & then promoted to Detective Sergeant
    C. Sergeant
    D. Commander
    7. Prim has been in Public safety
    8. Risk Management
    9. Arson Investigator
    10.Police Supervision
    11. Homicide
    12. Police Administration
    13. Too many awards and honorable mentions to type, (as I am getting tired)
    14. As of this year Prim was approached by the Air-One Emergency Response Coalition and was named to the Board of Directors.

    Now with all this and all these accomplishments you tell me how ANYONE can question Prim’s judgement.

    Could he have gotten so far in his career if he had questionable judgement.

    Don’t think so.

  27. All I can say is shame on you Mr. Harrison and shame on you Just Joe for TRYING to put down a good man and one with so much experience.

    With all that listed by voter Prim has to have good judgement.

    I’m voting Prim in November

  28. Right on Voter !

    Stop spinning the words ” Just Joe” !

    Spinning that fast will make you dizzy….

  29. Yeah , with all that dirt throwing and spinning someone is going to fall on their heads.

    Vote Prim

  30. Okay good questions and a couple of odd assumptions. Allow me to address a few..

    I have never met Keith Nygren.

    Bill Prim was present when two of the beatings occured. The Touges beating occured on a day off. However, once he knew he did nothing, as he testified under oath. Not being present is not in anyway an acceptable excuse. On his resume he takes FULL RESPONSIBLITY. In real life he deceives, denies and delays. A police commander and a Sheriff are always held to account for the actions of subordinates.

    How can we question Prim’s judgement? Could he have gotten so far in his career if he had questionable judgement? Because the Des Plaines PD had a culture that allowed cops to behave badly and Prim allowed it too. Cops who complained about racisim. sexual harasment or excessive violence were forced out. These are facts documented in DPPD documents, legal filings and newspapers.

    Voter, come on! Do your homework. Go to the home page of this blog and search for McNamara. He was far, far more than just a volunteer. AND Prim new he was a thug. They worked together on two different police dapartments, and were/are close friends. McNamara recruited Prim, represented him at County Board meetings, used his home as Prim’s Campaign HQ, his wife is Prim’s campaign treasurer he introduced him at Bianchi’s dinner last year.

    If Prim is so homest, why did he say McNamara is just a volunteer?

    Why did he take down his Zinke Debate Press Release?

    Why has he broken his word to debate Harrison?

    And guys, don’t take out on the messenger, huh? I know you are very angry and well you should be. But direct it at Prim and the others who sold you a bill of goods.

  31. None of us are angry.

    You keep wanting to make a point that no one is buying.

    And no what Prim said, if you want the truth ,is that Matt resigned over 1 1/2 years ago and is now a volunteer.

    You again are misquoting Prim and Spinning things.

    If you were to get the facts straight then you wouldn’t get a backlash.

    Also Prim never broke his word to debate Harrison.

    In the beginning Zinke,Harrison and Prim all agreed to debate each other on the Republican platform .

    It was HARRISON who changed his mind and didn’t know what he was going to do.

    Then he went to run as a Independent.

    Harrison had his chance to be in the debate.

    That is what Prim agreed to.

    Now that Harrison has finally made up his mind he wants to debate. Does he think everyone should bow down to his requests.

    From the debate with Zinke, people already know the plans Prim has for the Sheriff’s department.

    Why do the same thing again.

    It will be the same general questions.

    Besides a debate is suppose to be a debate not a trial with the Illinois state statues sitting next to you. It would turn into a circus and that is not a debate anyone is interested in.

    Harrison can have as many town hall meetings as he wants or meet and greets but he had his chance to debate and HE bowed out.

  32. All so Joe you can keep writing your nonsense because I’m done.

    You can talk to the hand. l.o.l.

    Prim for Sheriff !!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Just Joe, you have no valid arguments.

    Give it a rest…

    That lawyer is old baggage, he knows it, everyone knows it…

    Time for new beginnings in McHenry County, and a newer and better government begins with Bill Prim…..

  34. I resent being called a rabid commenter……. these comments are fueled by a desire for justice…..justice from the old regime ways…….

    Maybe Mr. Bianchi supports Prim because he feels Prim would be the right man for the job !

    Does there always have to be an ulterior motive behind everyones choices?

    I hardly think that Mr. Bianchi and Prim are BFF’s, but he knows Prim would be the Best Sheriff !

    The Nygren, Zinke, Pack, trio are a thing of the past…..and Harrison soon to follow.

    Standing up for the truth, always breeds controversy.

    Edmund Burke quotes :

    “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing”

    Sorry, but I for one, will NOT do nothing !

    Vote Prim

  35. I may be mistaken but when I was driving home I thought I saw a small Harrison for Sheriff sign.

    The funny part was right next to it I think there was a sign that read ” WHY ”

    Oh my………..

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