Peter Roskam Mailing Algonquin Township

There are a lot of voter contacts for this early in the campaign from Congressman Peter Roskam.

The DuPage County resident was “gifted” with the largest township in McHenry County by House Speaker Michael Madigan in his successful attempt to redistrict Congressman Joe Walsh out of office.

Since then, Roskam has been making public appearances in the area–including one for Andrew Gasser’s County Board fundraiser–calling asking if people want to participate in telephone meetings and the old fashion way–sending mail.

Today a second mailing arrived.

It was about Veterans.

You can see it below:

Roskam Vets 9-25-14 backRoskam Vets 9-25-14 addressThe one about human trafficking is below.  I see it also references the Telephone Town Hall Meeting that I did not participate in:

Roskam Human Trafficking early Sept 14 backRoskam Human Trafficking early Sept 14 address


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