House Republicans Schedule 1776 Fundraiser Oct. 12th

If you have $150 and want to have Mike Madigan have fewer Democrats under his thumb next year, you might want to attend a House Republican Organization fund raiser at Crystal Lake’s 1776 at 5 PM on Sunday, October 12th.

Speaking will be House Republican Lreaer Jim Durkin, Assistant House Republican Leader Mike Tryon and Congressman Peter Roskam.

Other details are below:

Hse GOP invite 10-12-14 backHse GOP invite 10-12-14 address


House Republicans Schedule 1776 Fundraiser Oct. 12th — 7 Comments

  1. This committee shows they have $2,000,000 which they collected recently and includes the balance at the end of June.

    If they plan to spend any of it on campaigns instead of POLLING and Insurance for their staff and food for their staff and hotels and CONSULTING, they had better start cutting checks quickly!!

  2. What is wrong with the political scene in the U.S.A.?


    Need to change our election law to restrict financial contributions to only legal resident voters who reside in the District in which you run.

    Residency based on where you live ____ days prior to election.

  3. Good idea! This would eliminate the financial power of unions and political pacs.

    Contributions should be restricted to the candidates only – not to the PARTY which then determines winners and losers.

    I am fed up with being inundated with calls and emails for money from pacs and parties!!

  4. The house GOP organization is a total joke.

    There staffers are second rank amateurs.

    Jim Durkin to his credit has raised a little more money.

    But needs to clean house and find some real help.

  5. These RINO-rats will just spend their pelf on defeating real Republicans in GOP primary races …….. don’t drink the Tryon Kool-Aid!

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