Dennis Anderson Town Hall in Marengo

A press release from 14th Congressional District Democratic Party candidate Dennis Anderson:

U.S. Congressional Candidate Dennis Anderson Holds Public Town Hall in Marengo October 2, 7:00 PM at Marengo-Union Town Hall

Anderson, Dennis standing walking toward camera

Dennis Anderson in Harvard’s Milk Day Parade.

September 24, 2014, Gurnee, IL – Congressional gridlock, jobs and the economy, corporate outsourcing and inversions, immigration reform, infrastructure repair, income disparity, student loan debt, tax reform and climate change are among the ongoing concerns voiced by voters during Dennis Anderson’s Congressional ongoing town hall tour.

Anderson’s next town hall is scheduled for Marengo area residents on Thursday, October 2 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM at the Marengo Public Library 19714 E. Grant Hwy.

“After 16 town halls, I am convinced more than ever that voters are feeling that Congress is out of touch, unrepresentative and spending far too much time on matters of little interest or importance to Middle America,” states Anderson.

“These open forums are important in helping me to understand what’s on the minds of voters.”

Dennis Anderson is the Democratic candidate for the United States Congress for Illinois’ 14th District. He is running against Republican, Randy Hultgren.

Anderson’s town hall tour will extend throughout the campaign season. Upcoming town hall tour stops include Huntley, Yorkville, and Batavia.


Dennis Anderson Town Hall in Marengo — 3 Comments

  1. Hultgren voted for our Peace Prize President’s latest war …. so, I’ll never vote for him again.

    How did Joe Walsh get euchered out of the seat for a RINO like Hultgren?

  2. He didn’t even run in Randy’s district.

    I think he wanted to avoid conflict with Republicans in primaries.

    Ended up losing to Duckworth, a Democrat.

    I think the district he tried running in is less rural than the 14th is.

    In retrospect, he probably should have ran here because he would have had a better shot.

    You don’t think Randy is a RINO for his vote on THAT?

    Do you?

    Because that was fairly predictable. . .

    And Republicans backed this in the House 159-71.

    Basically, the establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans voted for that because they had to look tough.

    Most of them didn’t even want the vote to take place, because the Constitution matters less to them than their reelection and that’s a tough vote!

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