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Could a sign like this be coming to restaurants in McHenry County?

Restaurant customers may be on the verge of being able to figure out how clean their favorite establishment is.

The Public Health Committee of the McHenry County Board discussed making the Health Department’s quarterly inspections much more friendly to those who eat out.

A solid majority on the committee–Donna Kurtz, John Hammerand and Paula Yensen–were in favor of more transparency.

Mary McCann and Anna May Miller did not agree.

Over the last four days, the rankings for Crystal Lake zip code restaurants have been published in McHenry County Blog.

Today, you can read the results for those restaurants in the last part of the alphabet.

Restaurant ratings CL 9-14 5


CL Restaurant Sanitation Ratings – The Pizza Place – X-Treme Wheels — 14 Comments

  1. So what do the numbers actually mean?

    All I can find on this is a bunch of mumbo jumbo like: “… Each violation of a regulation gets a certain number of points. At the end of the inspection, the inspector totals the points, and this number is the restaurant’s inspection score—the lower the score, the better the Grade…”

  2. Cindy’s right on point!

    What a meaningless metric.

    But that’s what happens when bureaucratic idiots and wastrels have sway.

  3. Donna Kurtz, John Hammerand and Paula Yensen–were in favor of more transparency.

    I’m not surprised they want transparency because when I read the article and see the results we paid for it seems to mean absolutely nothing.

    There must be more to it.

    The lower the score the better the grade…..

    I would have never figured that out!

  4. Cal I’m glad you wrote what you did.

    After seeing Cindys comment I wanted to respond but as you all know she would have jumped all over me.

    I think people are getting confused.

    The higher the number means there are less violations.

    If you see a low number stay away from that place until you see that they are fixing their violations.

    Cindy that is not how it works.

    What you wrote is not how the inspectors get the final scores.

    Again, find out how they do their numbers on inspections and then make your comment.

  5. Cal, I had to rub my eyes, to make sure I read the comments right…

    Are you kidding me ? Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest to figure out for some.

    Too Funny.

  6. voter?

    Prove what you said is true and not just your esteemed opinion.

    I got my information from plowing through government websites. (If you will notice it is a direct quote.)

    Please tell them they are wrong.

  7. Oh Cindy,Cindy,Cindy I have told you to stay off those goofy sites you find.

    Just call up the McHenry County Health Department and they will tell you how they rate the restaurants.

    Put down the website you read.

    Also hope you now realize there was a beheading in Oklahoma.

    You didn’t believe it before because a web site told you it was a conspiracy and it didn’t happen.

    Watch what web sites you read.

  8. No beheading.

    And no faith in your opinion.

    You have proven nothing except that you certainly have a penchant for belittling and rambling totally off topic.

  9. I’m not off topic.

    You were the one who asked what the numbers meant.

    I told you to call the health department.

    First I thought you were half sleeping when you wrote your comment.

    You wrote it at 4:10 in the morning.

    You are the one getting snippy when you said PROVE IT to me.

    You also said it was a direct quote but you haven’t posted the site you
    got all of your information from?

  10. How old ARE you that you are so concerned with what time a post appears?


    It’s difficult to believe anyone can be that obtuse.

  11. So, since you won’t tell anyone the site you were on, I can see that you were not telling the truth when you told everyone it was a direct quote.

    Also the next time your son in law comes to your house maybe he should take your computer with him. l.o.l.

  12. I told everyone but you, dear (since you like condescension so much).

    You too incompetent to search for yourself? Not much on critical thinking, huh?

    It’s from the CDC – but you wouldn’t know how to find that.

    Now watch as voter just has to have the last word. (Typical four-year old tactic.)

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