Mother Seeks Help for Son Ex-Husband McHenry County Sheriff’s Sgt. Greg Pyle Sexually Abused

The mother and ex-wife of former McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeant Greg Pyle–sentenced to 50 years in Federal prison about two weeks ago–is seeking financial assistance for intensive therapy for her now-16-year old son.

His father abused him for give years.

(Read the McHenry County Blog story entitled,

“Greg Pyle Get 50 Years for Sexual Abuse of His Under 12-Year Old Son.”

Just click on the title.)

His mother’s (Theresa’s) plea is found on the web site Giveforward:

Let’s rally around my child who needs our support through their journey on becoming a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

I am starting this fundraiser for my son who was sexually abused by his dad for over 5 years.

Here is the family that Greg Pyle devastated.  (Photo from several years ago.)

Here is the family that Greg Pyle devastated. (Photo from several years ago.)

The night, when my son disclosed his dad had sexually abused him will forever be the worst day of my life. 2 1/2 yrs later, the pain is still unbearable.

The guilt I carry around, for not seeing my ex husband for the monster he is, not being there to protect my child.

Seeing how unhappy, hurt beyond words, lost, and confused my children are.

My child who was sexually abused, was once a happy, loving, innocent child.

Now he is depressed, low self-esteem, feels ashamed and guilty, he feels like he is all alone, he doesn’t trust adults.

He had to be hospitalized twice for having suicidal thoughts.

I need help financially to get him into a Residential Treatment Facility.

It really is his only chance at being able to overcome what happened to him and his only chance at growing up to be a healthy, functioning, caring, loving adult.

I can’t fail my child again.

I have come to realize I can’t afford to do this on my own.

The only health insurance we have is Medicaid.

They do not pay for this type of treatment.

Residential Treatment costs are extremely high between 14,000 – 16,000 a month.

He would need to be there from anywhere between 12 – 24 months.

= = = = =

Surely there is a huge hole in the societal safety net in this situation.

Here we have a Sheriff’s Deputy who was doing to his son what he was supposed to be preventing others from doing. He took videos of his abhorrent behavior and posted them on the internet. It seems to me that McHenry County ought to be responsible for making this family whole.


Mother Seeks Help for Son Ex-Husband McHenry County Sheriff’s Sgt. Greg Pyle Sexually Abused — 39 Comments

  1. Very disturbing presentation to be sure.

    This mother, although I understand her need for help as our insurances do not cover much for mental health needs, is doing a great disservice to her child.

    If Obama really wants to help society, he should make mental health care the cornerstone of “Obama Care.”

    This being said, this mother showing a photo of her child as depicted in this story, is wrong.

    This child does not need his photo exposed.

    Shame on his mother for this tactic.

    What a lovely young man.

    Such a beautiful smile.

    Please protect him by removing his photo.

    These stories are now forever online for all to see.

    I will continue to pray for this perfectly beautiful child.

    Pyle’s parents are wealthy.

    Call them out!

    May God be with this beautiful little family.

  2. Well I sure hope she will get his pension.

    Rodney King, I agree with you and I can’t imagine what this family is going through.

    I pray that she will find a facility who will donate their services.

    If I were Pyle’s parents I would do everything in my power to help this young man.

  3. You know what is most disturbing to me???

    People who hide behind fake names and post things.

    Do you know what Tom Arnold, Theo Fleury and Tyler Perry all have in common?

    Sure you do, right????

    It is disturbing that you would even question what this mother is doing without knowing all the facts!

  4. Brian, I posted under a false name for the first time in my life.

    Perhaps you need to know ALL the facts Brian.

    I do……for this reason I cannot reveal who I am.

    If ALL the facts were known, this story might have to be rewritten.

    MOM, might not show her face!

    Now go back to your funeral home Brian and close the drapes.

  5. I think the Mother is not advocating for her child but using him to make sure her life is better.

    In one of the articles it said she told the judge that she was condemned to a life of poverty, she chose not to worry about the mental health of her children.

    And what about the other child in the photo?

    Perhaps she needs mental health treatment also.

    If the grandparents are wealthy they should step up to the plate or the Mother should move to another state where they give more help for her son’s condition or relinquish her son who is almost an adult.

  6. Rodney King

    I typically try to stay out of posting on blogs and what not however I find you’re post extremely offensive.

    I’ll even let you know that I am her oldest son.

    Who are you to say shame on her?

    My mother has been through more pain and suffering than you will ever imagine.

    She battled breast cancer and this horrible situation like a champion all while her oldest son was serving his country in Afghanistan.

    She posted his picture so people could connect with the situation and see what an amazing brother I have.

    Also, its a photo of him happy!

    Yea it will be on the internet circulating forever but you know what else is doing that same thing?

    Those photos and videos that Greg posted!

    As for Pyle’s parents they are not wealthy so I’m not sure where you got those facts from.

    We have received a tremendous amount of support which I am extremely grateful for.

    Then i come on here and see someone like you running your mouth at what my mother is doing.

    Shame on you for calling what she’s doing a tactic.

  7. I find the mother’s claim that she had no clue about her ex-husband’s long running activities preposterous.

    She’s no Bo Peep in my book

    Sure saddle the taxpayer w/ more expenses …… after all we lavish on illegal aliens, what difference does it make.

    Shame on Nygren and Zinke for supervising their own department so poorly.

  8. Why don’t they just sell Pyle’s organs and use that money for his poor family.

    That guy does not deserve to breathe.

    Or just lock him in a room with Harrison and let him debate him to death !

    No disrespect to the family I am commenting on how I feel about Pyle

  9. Rodney King

    I have to second Billy’s blog…..and, by the way, the family we are talking about…..

    YEAH, they live with me!!!!!!!!!

    So, I guess I really don’t know, huh??

    I wake up to all three of their faces!!!

    So ZIP IT!!!

  10. Old Man Winter, I am going to make this comment REALLY clear so there is no misunderstandings.

    YOU ARE A PIECE OF CRAP (I would use another term but I don’t want Cal to delete this)

    Your comment rates you right up there with Pyle. How dare you speak of this mother like you did.

    How dare you say “Saddle the tax payers w/ more expenses.

  11. Voter

    I agree with you on your views of Old Man Winter.

    I find it preposterous that you have the testicular fortitude to say something so ignorant on a public forum.

    Greg was a pretty intelligent human being that fooled everyone around him including myself.

    I understand this a public forum and people have the right to their own opinions.

    However, the absurdity of some of these comments from people that have absolutely no connection to the situation is mind boggling.

  12. Billy and Voter, there are Nygren supporters commenting on this story.

    Maybe, even some of the guys who knew about the abuse and did nothing to stop it.

    If it is true, that makes them an accessory to a crime.

    Additionally, they are trying to do damage control by minimizing the events and by invalidating the seriousness of the families situation.

    Our community should rally around this family.

    And, so what, if the mothers life improves Her life should improve.

    The corrupt system of McHenry County government and some associates, robbed the family of their financial, emotional, and social future.

    Unfortunately, the family is left to pick up the pieces…

    I stood right in front of Nygren one day when he told me that a similar situation was also a family matter.

    There was clear and convincing evidence of sexual abuse, of another individual.

    The victim list runs long and wide.

    When the tax payers find out the whole truth, they will be outraged.

    So, if you are a Nygren supporter go grab a broom and sweep up all of that popcorn, leftover from the dark ages.

    My guess is that you will find the majority of it in Judge Gordy’s chambers.

    Most likely, you will find him engaged in another episode of those Tv shows “Let’s Make a Deal” because “The Price is Right”

    So, all you supporters from the Nygren and Zinke Circus, do us all a favor “Shut your mouths” and please leave the county forever.

    Everyone, has had enough of you…

  13. Duncan

    Thank you for posting that and the support.

    I understand what these individuals are doing.

    I also understand that they have the security blanket of being anonymous on an internet blog.

    I would love for the opportunity to meet any of them in public and see if they have what it takes to say these things to myself and/or my family.

    I feel confident that they would back down from what they’re saying on here.

  14. Doesn’t Pyle’s family own a car dealership in Joliet??

    Isn’t that where he got his bail money when he was caught the first time?

    Did not even spend a night in jail?

  15. His father used to be a part owner of one, not in Joliet.

    He has been out of that business for quite some time now.

    It is correct he did get the bail money from his parents.

  16. Well said, Duncan McHenry!!!!!!

    Nygren and Zinke should be held accountable.

    Just the fact that Zinke was quoted in the NW Herald as this being a domestic issue . . . isn’t he a mandated reporter, right up there with Nygren?

    Some of these responses sound like the NFL, need I say more.

  17. Old timer shut your trap!…

    You bring no viable or reasonable arguments to this story.

    The more you talk, the more pathetic you sound….

    Hopefully, the mother will take em to the cleaners and the community should be supporting her.

    The family has been through horrific events, because the leaders of corruption in McHenry County, enabled and empowered Greg Pyle.

    Shame on them!

    They are the mandated reporters and they do know better.

    The Mother put her kids before herself and kept it together despite their adversities…..

    She deserves so much credit for not only keeping the family together, but for always having the hope that it will get better..

    That is, in part, what it will take get them through it.

    Her kids will look back one day, in retrospect, and will be so grateful for all she has done for them.

    Our community needs to wakeup to the fact that so many “atrocities” have been imposed upon so many of our families, neighbors and colleagues.

    We can only hope that justice will prevail for all the victims of the “Regime”

    If you want change get out and vote November 4, 2014.

    That is how you create change, through the electoral process.

    It is the peoples responsibility and now they have the opportunity to make that happen by voting for Bill Prim…

  18. The only reason I said anything is that I have friends that live in Joliet and know of the Pyle family.

    They have a very good business.

    The Pyle family should be helping this lady and the kids.

    So cool your jets Duncan!

  19. “Oldmanwinter” “Rodney King”

    You should be ashamed, that we have a Sheriff and Sheriffs officers that knew this was going on and allowed it to happen.

    That is what you should be talking about.

    Instead, you choose to re-victimize the victims over and over again through this blog…

    Enough is enough!

    it is possible the mother didn’t know.

    Pedophiles are very manipulative and charming.

    The above comment was made for “oldmanwinter’ not ‘old-timer”

    Sorry about that. You have very valid concerns..

  20. “old timer” You are right his family should be helping the wife and kids.

    They need to step up to the plate…

    “Karma” should have been added to that comment.

    How dare you insinuate the mother is using her child to better her life, or that she should relinquish her child…

    Your judgements have no place on this blog….

    Unless, you have something good to say about the family, don’t say it at all.

  21. I wish I had the words to comfort this family.

    When Cal offered the story on the sentencing and there was a comment stating perhaps there is something we may do to help this family I rejoiced at the emotion and prayed for the possibility.

    I first want to tell this woman from myself and my entire family we are deeply sorry any of this happened to her family, deeply pained by her understandable guilt(though we wish we could take it away because every woman in our family has wondered aloud whether they would have known) and enraged by the thought the filth which we will not name will be alive for one more minute.

    The men have expressed a deep abiding desire to destroy all pedophiles and the women have supported the emotion.

    I want to beg this woman on my knees to please remain strong and know there are millions of good men and women who want to live in a society free from this type of horror and at least a few in her area who love her and her family, who will pray for them all daily and who will find a way to help.

    Good people will not abandon you to the vagaries of an uncaring government, filthy minded cynical jerks or to unmitigated continued evil.

    It may take some time.

    Please have patience and pray(even though praying may be difficult) and we will come through.

    I wept at your family’s suffering when the filth was caught and I weep now for your continued pain.

    I apologize again for the inadequacy of words…

    They feel so empty in situations like this…

  22. This family has been throw hell, and will continue to go through it until we, as a community stand up and help them.

    The man that Nygren and Zinke groomed, destroyed that family forever.

    The McHenry County Sheriffs Office should be held liable, as too Nygren and Zinke for not stopping this piece of shit before he committed these horrific acts..

    Yes Greg Pyle,I am calling you a piece of shit because that it exactly what you are.

    Billy, I give you alot of credit for standing up.

    Your brother and mom will need to carry them through this storm.

    You said you were away in the Armed Service during this time, and I know this had to make you feel helpless too..

    But it wasn’t your moms fault, it wasn’t your fault, and it surly wasn’t your brothers fault.

    We all know who was at fault.

    The other poster said that they now live with you.

    Please make sure she knows that the community that she left behind her misses her, and will try to everything possible to help her..

    We must not fail her or the innocent victims.

    I have been amazed that further victims haven’t come forward yet.

    I understand he lived off of Barlina Road in Crystal Lake for awhile, i wonder if there were any further little children that were victimized by him there ?

  23. Thank you for the support.

    I am still currently serving in the Army and have been for over 4 years now.

    It’s definitely been hard to be away for the majority of this situation however I know that I am being a good role model for my brothers, which they desperately need.

    In a few months I will be back for good.

    I wanted my mom to stay in the Crystal Lake area because i grew up and love that area and still visit every time I’m home.

    She needed to leave for my brother.

    She needed to take him away from those bad memories and move closer to the rest of our family.

    We lived in 2 different houses while there and yes one was off Barlina. We’re pretty positive my brother was the only victim in this situation.

  24. Thank you all for the kind words for this family.

    I have known her since I was 5 and rest assured, I have the family’s interest at heart!

    Yes, Billy is correct, she needed to get out of the area and try and “restart” their lives.

    There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t tell me that she misses CL and her friends.

    She frequents this blog (I have told her to stay away)…so she reads all the good, and unfortunately, the idiots out there! T

    hey are in a struggle but they see a light….and hopefully we can get the victim in the right therapy for him, so he can get better.

  25. I wonder if you folks… on both sides of this (or any other issue) realize just how foolish you look.

    Case in point…

    The same old folks are crying foul because Harrison is now dumping on Prim’s choice of associates in his campaign and whining about how you should not hold their bad acts against him because… (fill in the blanks.)

    Yet, the usual suspects “Duncan” “Voter” and so forth carry on in their never ending smear of Nygren, Zinke and anyone who isn’t out with torches and baseball bats going after them.

    And their battle cry?

    “Oh, Nygren and Zinke KNEW what Pyle was doing all along and allowed it to continue and THEY are responsible for the irreparable harm caused to the former Mrs. Pyle and her son”

    Excuse me, but didn’t the usual suspects (listed above) rush to the aid of the former Mrs. Pyle elsewhere, along with her oldest son, Billy?

    They agree with what Billy says about the harm but totally ignore that he claims that Pyle had them all fooled.

    Mom didn’t suspect a thing, Billy didn’t suspect a thing.

    It happened!

    There is nothing that I would rather see than Pyle (and others of his ilk) gang-raped for days on end and then slowly beaten to death.

    Seems that would be a fitting end for the morons who would attempt to lay blame for this, without having a shred of evidence, at the feet of Nygren, Zinke and others at the sheriff’s office.

    Duncan/Scott claims he told Nygren of similar acts and that Nygren covered up or ignored him.

    Yeah, just like the Cat in the Hat and other fables of a tortured mind.

    And, of course, so much is made of Zinke’s statement to the press when this (Pyle’s case) was unwinding, that “it’s a domestic matter”

    We’ve all seen the end result of the investigation and prosecution and other than the fact that Greg Pyle is this side of the dirt, we can agree it was properly handled. H

    e was found guilty – not by the blogging fools and public opinion, but by the Court.

    Just the way it should be.

    I can only imagine the howling that would have followed an announcement, early on, that “…Sgt Pyle has been arrested for having sex with his then 12 year old son who is now grown and living with his mom here in Crystal Lake”

    Yeah, that would have been a infinitely better way to handle it.

    And then you have the morons in Prim’s camp (not saying that it’s Prim), just more of the “hater’s” (Zane Seipler) who feel they have something to gain by backing Prim who go out and attack a campaign CONTRIBUTOR of Harrison’s.

    Such hypocrisy!

    If it’s out there and you did it, then deal with it.

    Making crap up or complaining that somebody else is doing exactly what you’re doing (tossing mud on the other guy) is just so childish and stupid.

  26. “Sick N Tired’

    The fact that you think Scott is Duncan just shows, you know nothing. You are clueless. Nygren and Zinke should be held accountable.

    They knew and did nothing.

    And, I do not, or have not, ever worked at the Sheriffs Department.

    At least, we know how to call out the truth. Harrison’s attack on a Prim supporter is just tacky…

    While your’e at it, how about one of Harrisons campaign contributors that was arrested for DUI & Reckless Driving?

    She contributed $540 to the Harrison campaign.

    Shall I mention names?

    She was monitored by the court up until May 2014.

    Further, she was required to attend DUI School and the victim impact panel.

    That is all “RECENT” and clearly those events did not happen 15 years ago… G

    osh, “Sick N Tired” WHOS NEXT?

    There’s a lot more I could put on the blog for everyones viewing.

  27. I always be told to be highly suspicious of people who refer to themselves in the third person…

    Duncan, I hold leaders accountable for their subordinates, but sometimes the sheepdog is a wolf and the other sheepdogs can’t see the wolf for what he is, a woof.

    Now, if you have concrete proof Nygren, Zinke, Pack, Obama, Santa and/or Al Gore had real knowledge about Pyle molesting his son and either did nothing or covered it up—please present.

    If not, you’re merely squawking for the benefit of hearing your own voice.

  28. ‘really’

    Your wish is “NOT” my command. S

    o go take a hike.

    Gosh, who is that women that was arrested for DUI and reckless driving?

    Harrison should be more careful about the people he accepts money for campaign contributions…

    Come on down and watch “really from the Nygren and Zinke Circus.

    Just one more side show attraction.

    Don’t bother telling the truth “really’ because you suck at it!

  29. Whoa Nelly……. Sick and Tired,

    You are accusing Prim’s SUPPORTERS of attacking a CONTRIBUTOR of Harrison ?

    What about HARRISON HIMSELF, attacking Bill Prim supporters ?

    YOU are delusional

    Does Harrison have ANY qualifications ?

    I’m sick and tired of typing the name Harrison ! Hypocrisy, you say !

    The Pyle family has enough to deal with and you bring up HARRISON again.

    My sincere apologies to the Pyle family… words can express the outrage I feel towards what your family has had to endure…..

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  30. My hope is that when Prim is elected he can put some type of program together to prevent these types of horrible actions of any officer in the department.

    I’m not sure what but there has to be something.

    Prim has all the qualifications to do this unlike Harrison whose only action can be destroying volunteers lives.

    Isn’t this the type of Government we want to get rid of.

    Harrison who has no qualifications have to turn to attacking volunteers and threatening bloggers with law suits.

    Is Harrison for the people when he brings up their past for over 14 years ago?

    Do you see him say anything negative about Prim? No because he can’t find anything so he preys on Prim’s volunteers and the Republican party no less.

    I passed out candy in a parade and support Prim.

    Does that mean I’ll be the next headline?

    I’d better confess because I think I took a pen from the bank by mistake.

    Who in the heck investigates a volunteers background?

  31. Looks like Harrison is only trying to divert peoples attention away from his own lack of knowledge about the Sheriff’s department and his non qualifications.

    This Sheriff’s race is Prim & Harrison not about the volunteers.

    Like voter said, I hope that Prim can enforce something so this never happens to another family.

  32. His followers are being disrespectful of the Pyle family.

    You are right “Happty Trails” the Pyle family does not deserve to be to used in a way that helps the Harrison cause unfairly.

    That is called exploitation or re-victimizing the victims.

  33. The Sheriff’s Department seemed to hold on as long as possible getting pay to this family.

    Leadership in the department must have been aware all the pay was going to help the child and mom.

    Sadly all the same Einsteins here called for payments to this family immediately in their efforts to score some political points in a political primary race had zero care what those funds and benefits were doing for the child and his mother.

    What Pyle did was evil.

    Many only saw it as politics and have completely ignored the family.

    Now a Obamaesque attempt to rewrite history is being attempted in the same callous selfish political manner.

    Many here would be surprised and sadly others wouldn’t be just who Pyle’s buddy’s were as he came up in the department and which side of the political fence they are on now.

    He probably would have fit right in with the guy who beat women and dragged them around the parking lot by their hair and the guy with the conviction tied to an armed robbery.

    But hey whatever works to drive your personal political clique.

    I have donated to the family and wish they find peace on their journey to heal. Hoping a few others here do also.

  34. “buseriouslynow”

    it has nothing to do with scoring points.

    It has to do with coming together as a community to do the right thing.

    How about the felon and the person convicted of DUI and reckless driving that contributed money to Harrison?

    Those are recent convictions, they did not happen 15 years ago.

    You are clearly a Harrison supporter and this is one story you should steer clear of, as this is not about politics, it’s about humanity.

    Let’s see, shall I name, names?

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