NWH Says 200 Words a Question, But Allows One Dem a Lot More

Arne Waltmire, a candidate who got more than 200 words to answer his Northwest Herald questions

Arne Waltmire, a candidate who got more than 200 words to answer his Northwest Herald questions.

The Northwest Herald asks candidates replying to their questionnaires to limit their responses to 200 words, but makes them this offer:

“We realize some complicated issues are difficult to discuss in 200 words. Do your best to summarize your position and, if you desire, refer readers to a website or another location for a longer response.”

Although stating “editors ill pre-approve all answers before they go live on our website…” such editing apparently does not include cutting off the answer at the 200-word mark.

In the District 4 McHenry County Board race, the Republicans–John Hammerand and Chuck Wheeler–appear to have followed the rules.

Democrat Arne Waltmire has not.

His first answer is 403 words.

On another, he has 322.

As a couple of McHenry County Blog commenters write, “Just saying.”


NWH Says 200 Words a Question, But Allows One Dem a Lot More — 11 Comments

  1. They should have tested him first, by having him describe that hat in 200 words or less.

    He’s scaring me with that Freddie Krueger look.

  2. That’s ok.

    It’s not like anyone reads the Herald anymore anyhow.

  3. Agree with all of you. Wouldn’t even take a NWH if someone wanted to give me a free one.

  4. Below is a letter that was sent to the editors of the Northwest Herald


    It has been brought to my attention that your rules for the candidates questionnaire were not followed with regards to my opponent.

    His responses were significantly over the limit established by your rules you sent to me.

    In fact in my template I could not exceed the word limit and had I known that we could override this feature my responses in some cases would have been longer.

    In addition, my photo is mysteriously missing on my profile.

    I downloaded my photo to your website as requested and it is not showing up.

    Why didn’t you bring this to my attention?

    And why is my photo the only one missing in our group?

    I am beginning to seriously question your ability to fairly depict my candidacy.

    Very Sincerely,
    Chuck Wheeler

  5. Chuck: Welcome to McHenry politics!

    NWH and the old establishment GOP appear to NOT want you on the Board!!

    Supporters of Chuck and Andrew Gasser in D-1 need to double down!!!

    Go door to door and explain to people why we need them both on the McHenry County Board!!

  6. Chuck, I will be surprised if you get a reply back from the editor.

    Things seem to be unfair at the NWH.

  7. Waltmire is a union puppet.

    The folks of this county should understand this, the last Democrat that tried to run in District 4 was defeated by a landslide.

    IMHO Waltmire is running to collect union money for his campaign coffer.

    He sure has collected alot of union money so far, but has not spent any? M

    aybe he thinks he can replace Franks in the future.

  8. Re: “Maybe he thinks he can replace Franks in the future.”

    Will not be difficult unless we get a more active / engaged / willing to listen to constituents / less egotistical Republican candidate!

  9. Perhaps, but he’s the best candidate we’ve had in a very long time.

    He will be good if elected, and it’s a good start to not having a candidate at all.

    How many election cycles went by without a single Republican candidate?

    Let’s be grateful that we have a candidate and he’s a very qualified candidate.

    He doesn’t admit to being congenial, so there’s some honesty in him.

  10. The editor corrected the omission of my picture and also edited all applicants for the word limitation.

    This resulted in my opponents criticism of me being omitted from his remarks.

    Nice observation Miss Uppity about the contributions being stockpiled we noticed that as well.

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