Quinn Comes Up with Monopoly Satire to Taunt Rauner

In 2008, the McHenry County Democratic Party came up with a board game that it called “McHenry County Monopoly.”

It was fairly humorous.

Monoploy McHenry County

McHenry County Monopoly,
The Game of One Party Rule

This year, Pat Quinn enters the parody realm with “Rauneropoly.”
Rauneropoly Now Available
Community Chest is shown, but it is blank.

With the amount of donations Rauner has made, one would think that the Democrats could have come up with something a bit more original.

The McHenry County version was better, in my opinion.

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McHenry County Monopoly mailing address side Read Change, No GamesIf you would like to review the 2008 skewering of the local GOP, the links are belowL


Quinn Comes Up with Monopoly Satire to Taunt Rauner — 4 Comments

  1. Quinn criticized Rauner for being too rich at a fundraiser that costed 50,000 to attend…

  2. As hard as I tried I couldn’t come up with a ” Harrisonopoly”

    Each place you would land COULD be one one Harrison’s qualifications for becoming Sheriff BUT
    he doesn’t have 40 qualifications in law enforcement.

    Then I thought since Harrison’s new thing is throwing dirt, so those could be some landings, but oh now since he is investigating the backgrounds of Prim’s supporters and volunteers, maybe on each spot to land could be a picture of the person Harrison is going after.

    If you land on the spot you can put a red x over it. Hmmmmmm.

    It was sure easy to build a Primopoly.

    Every space you land on would be one of his qualifications or accomplishments or you could have each place you land on be a supporter.

    The only problem I found was that the board game would have to be a lot larger because Prim has so many supporters and qualifications and you would need more spaces to land on.

    Vote Prim In November !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Pols get creative around elections, but flounder when it comes to fixing all the self inflicted problems in this State.

    Or is it arrogance, that voters are so simple, they need children’s games to understand the issues?

  4. I’m voting Rauner for sure BUT if people vote for Quinn they are SIMPLETONS.

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