Harrison’s Former Campaign Manager Supports Prim for Sheriff: “I saw both sides.”

A press release from Republican Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim:


Retired McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Anton “Tony” Cundiff, Jim Harrison’s initial pick for campaign manager and rumored to be in line for Undersheriff, recently voiced his unequivocal support for Bill Prim, Republican nominee for Sheriff.

Jim Harrison and his wife Colleen were sitting at the table next to mine with Algonquin Township Trustee Lowell Cutsforth and retired Sheriff's Department employee Tony Cundiff, who, at the time was Jim Harrison's Campaign Manager.

At this 2012 Port Edward fundraiser, Jim Harrison and his wife Colleen were sitting with Algonquin Township Trustee Lowell Cutsforth (left) and retired Sheriff’s Department employee Tony Cundiff (right), who, at the time was Jim Harrison’s Campaign Manager.

Despite his new permanent residency in Arizona, Mr. Cundiff made a point of attending a fund-raising “pig roast” for Prim in Harvard on September 20.

Anton Cundiff spoke to those attending the Bill Prim Pig Roast in Lawrence in late September.

Anton Cundiff spoke to those attending the Bill Prim Pig Roast in Lawrence in late September.

In impromptu remarks, he told the crowd of more than 100 persons that as Harrison’s original campaign chief,

“I saw both sides.”

Mr. Cundiff continued: “[Prim is] …the best man for this job, no ifs, ands or buts about it…. Right
now, based on what I hear, ‘cause I get phone calls in Arizona just about every day…, [Prim has] 90% of the support of that department, that want you to be Sheriff.

“So I want to make sure everyone understands that message out there…he [Prim] is the man for the right job, he’s the man for the job. And I want to make sure everybody knows that and I thank you, Bill.”

Prim said at the event that, “Not only did [Cundiff] come over to support us, he brought a whole barrage of deputies and county officials and employees.”

Mr. Cundiff is a highly respected McHenry County law enforcement veteran.


Harrison’s Former Campaign Manager Supports Prim for Sheriff: “I saw both sides.” — 43 Comments

  1. Anton Cundiff is a man who clearly wants the best for all the citizens of McHenry County and is backing Prim who wants the same thing.

    It shows a lot about a man who will travel from Arizona to support Prim.

    Harrison picked him as his campaign manager and to be the UnderSheriff.

    I guess the more Mr. Cundiff learned about Harrison the more he discovered that Harrison would be a bad choice for Sheriff.

    Cundiff who is very well respected made a clear choice to back Prim, that should speak a thousand words.

  2. With having 90% of the employee’s deputies and others in the Sheriff’s department wanting Prim to lead them is exciting.

    How is Harrison going to lead deputies who don’t care for him?

    Prim has already gained their support and respect and they will work for Prim in a positive way to serve the people.

  3. It seems that Harrison can’t find any people to support him…..also was this picture, of Harrison and Mr. Cundiff, taken when Harrison was a Republican, Democrat, or Independent ?

    I just can’t seem to remember the timeline of all his flipping around, party to party.

    I attended Prim’s pig roast and was very impressed with Mr. Cundiff.

    An intelligent and very wise man.

    I hope Harrison doesn’t sling mud at this guy, a true supporter of Bill Prim !

  4. Can’t Harrison decide WHO HE IS or WHAT HE WANTS?

    At one time Harrison wants Cundiff as his under-sheriff but now he says he doesn’t want an under-sheriff and he wants to do things himself.

    I think he flip-flops because he can’t find people to work with him.

    Harrison said his legal experience would save money for the tax payers because he would do all the legal work in the department BUT on his website Harrison states that he is putting his attorney license on a inactive status so he can devote all his time to the department.

    How can he represent the department in legal matters when his license will be inactive?

    Again Harrison deceives the citizens.

    I think Harrison forgets what he says and what he tells the people.We don’t need a lawyer Mr. Harrison, we need a Sheriff.

    At least Prim isn’t a flip-flopper.

    He knows who he is and what he wants for the people of McHenry County.

    With Harrison you never know what to expect next.

  5. Hello – A sheriff cannot act as the departments lawyer.

    That is the State’s Attorney’ s job.

    First, because of his lack of experience, he was to bring on a “seasoned commander” to fill the void – That was Cundiff.

    Now Cundiff is supporting Bill.

    NOW Harrison is going to do everything on his own.

    What a load of garbage.

    No undersheriff???

    Then is he going to have to hire more people to fill that void and it will cost more that the undersheriff salary.

    People in that department do not even want to work for Harrison.

  6. Couldn’t agree with you more jamesk.

    This just shows that Harrison is a little confused about how to run the Sheriff’s department.

    He has no idea of the importance of an under-sheriff.

    Harrison is more concerned about having ” Coffee with the Sheriff” than trying to establish a professional department,working on budgets,seeing how they can save the tax payers money while at the same time having effective programs and 1,000 other things.

    A Sheriff’s job and responsibilities to the public are huge and all Harrison is thinking about is coffee.

    Now you can have a citizens opinion questions and concerns time but with a separate leader who can relay those concerns to the Sheriff.

    Like an under-sheriff.

    Does Harrison want to do things himself so he can be the only one who knows anything about his leadership?

    It is the State’s Attorneys job but during the Nygren days Harrison was his attorney and took on cases that were to be sent to the State’s Attorney but Harrison made the money instead.

    We all know a Sheriff can not act as the department lawyer BUT HARRISON THINKS SO.

  7. The fundraiser where the picture was taken was for the Republican Party.

  8. A lawyer is expected to think?

    Most lawyers in the public sector are only good at one thing – giving taxpayers the shaft.

  9. Retired McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Capt Cundiff is unquestionably a highly respected McHenry County law enforcement veteran, and a devoted lifetime supporter of the Republican Party.

    However, I must respectfully dispute Tony’s claim that Bill Prim has 90% of the department deputies and employees that want Bill Prim to be Sheriff.

    This statement is highly exaggerated as the deputies and employees are concerned of retaliation because close to 80% of them supported Zinke.

    Mr. Harrison’s personal message to the deputies and employees is that NO one will lose their job and everyone starts with a fresh beginning with him as Sheriff.

    Mr. Harrison’s is independent of political party influences, which will develop a workforce built on merit without prejudices and favoritism.

    Mr. Harrison is not motivated by vengeance, he is motivated based solely on what is most beneficial for our County, and will reward knowledge, skill, ability, experience, conduct and judgment to the deputies and employees.

    I encourage every deputy and employee to contact Mr. Harrison as he has an open door policy and get it from the horse’s mouth, and ask him what his plans are for the Sheriff’s Department under his leadership.

  10. Mr. Harrison aka: Eric C.

    I say this because in a post you did not deny this or Harrison recruited you to write on this blog.

    Again you spin the facts and lie

    You claim the deputies and employees are concerned of retaliation because 80% of them supported Zinke.

    Well where did you get that number since you are the one writing it?

    Deputies are looking forward to November and are excited about Prim being the next Sheriff.

    They have openly supported Prim, signs in their yards and attending functions that Prim has held.

    Doesn’t sound like they are afraid of Prim now does it.

    They did not like Zinke and when Prim won they were elated to say the least.

    You claim the Harrison is independent of political party influences. Now that statement makes me laugh.

    1. Harrison in a Democratic paper asked the people to donate to the Democratic party in his and his wife’s name
    2. Harrison asked the Democratic party to help get signatures and they did
    3. Harrison’s big name supporters are McHenry Dem Chair, Mike Bissett and Marlene Lantz.

    You claim that Harrison is not motivated by vengeance.

    Nygren and Zinke were and Harrison has already threatened a supporter of Prim’s with a karate lesson, along with threatening bloggers with legal action which he posted on this blog on 1/13/2014 at 9:35

    Eric no matter how hard you are trying you can’t change the facts or the truth. Everything that has been written on the blog by Prim supporters have documents, newspaper articles and photo’s to support their statements regarding Harrison’s behavior.

  11. Mr. Harrison is an independent that has support by both Republican and Democratic political members, as I was a lifetime Republican that has chosen to support the right man for Sheriff.

    As for the ones openly supporting Prim, signs in their yards and attending functions that Prim has held, has given the percentage of support from the deputies and employees that can be easily counted, which don’t add up to no 90%.

    As for everything written on this blog by Prim supporters, such as Matt McNamara and Mickey Schuch, is just, well, do I really need to say more?

    No matter how hard you are trying you can’t change the facts or the truth.

  12. From what I have seen and heard, Bill Prim is totally the opposite of Nygren and Zinke.

    Prim cares about the men and woman of McHenry County Sheriffs Office.

    He is not a man of villainousness like Nygren had done ..

    Zinke didn’t have to many supporters within MCSO, ….

    No he did not…

    He didn’t have it when he was a Deputy, Detective or any other title, go ahead and ask anyone at MCSO what they think of him…

    The only clear choice for McHenry County Sheriff is Mr Bill Prim.

  13. Hi Everybody!

    Just wondering how many people really do their homework before voting?

    Not just read the campaign hype but do their own digging.

    Have you read the Bueno vs. Des Plaines transcripts and what Mr. said under oath?

    What about Dep. Chief Burton’s investigation?

    Does anyone really and truly believe McNamara and Schuch were not close friends and campaign associates of Prim?


    Or do you believe their violent crimes are not a measure of character?

    If Prim is so honest, so sincere, such a good guy, why has he refused to debate Harrison as promised?

    Why did he take down his press release slamming Zinke and claiming the citizens have a right to hear the candidates?

    What is more likely: Prim is too busy and the League of Women Voters too unfair, or he knows his campaign cannot withstand the truth in a public forum?

  14. Who would want to debate a lawyer who would turn a debate into a trial and make it a 3 ring circus?

    I believe Prim agreed to debate Harrison when Harrison was going to run as a Republican along with Zinke.

    Then Harrison changed his mind and stepped out of the running so Prim and Zinke debated. From that debate questions were already answered.

    THEN Harrison figured he couldn’t run on the democratic party and win SO
    he again changed and ran as a INDEPENDENT.

    So after finally making up his mind he wants a debate? He had his chance and people can get all the questions they have answered on both parties facebook or web sites.

    Harrison wanted a big court show, litigation, debate and that is not what a debate is.

    As far as throwing dirt,well Harrison has shown that it is all he knows how to do.

    Someone should remind Harrison that the race is between Him and Prim.

    Harrison could learn a lot about character,humility and integrity from Prim because Harrison has shown, by his own actions, he has none.

    If people notice the only thing Harrison is talking about McNamara and Schuch and it is not about them.

    Why isn’t Harrison talking about himself?

    I guess he has nothing to say about himself.

  15. When are Harrison supporters and Harrison himself going to stop this ridiculous attack on two men?

    This Sheriff’s race is between Prim and Harrison.

    It looks obvious that all they want to do is divert attention away from Harrison not having the
    qualifications to be the next Sheriff.

    Also talking about the debate.

    Prim has not refused to answer questions.

    If you know it all people of Harrison’s LOOK at the NWH and go under Election 2014 and then click on Sheriff’s race you will see that Prim and Harrison have answered questions given by the herald and voter league.

  16. “No matter how hard you are trying you can’t change the facts or the truth”

    One of Harrison’s supporters has a record for DUI and reckless driving.

    And, there an additional Harrison campaign contributor that is a convicted felon.

    Regardless, voter is right, the race is between Harrison and Prim.

    What other people do has nothing to do with the candidates credentials.

    By brining up other peoples history, it is nothing more than an attempt by Harrison to distract from the real issues.

    Gosh Mr Lawyer, if the people only new the truth about the Pack days.

    The only candidate with true character is Bill Prim.

  17. Another repeated ridiculous comment made that I need to respond too.

    There is a big difference between a contributor and a business owner that donate a small amount of money to Mr. Harrison’s campaign, than two key members in the Prim Regime, Matt McNamara and Mickey Schuch that worked feverishly for the Prim Regime and donated a substantial amount of money to the Prim Regime.

    Let me go further to explain how it works. When a person, such as a candidate, builds his organization, surrounds himself with key team members that share in his same beliefs and way of thinking.

    Bill Prim named Matt McNamara as his campaign manager and Political Committee Chairman, and placed Mickey Schuch in charge of getting funds for his campaign.

    Bring up other peoples history, such as Matt McNamara and Mickey Schuch, is NOT nothing more than an attempt to distract from the real issues, but to enlighten the true nature of that candidate’s true character.

  18. You are so full of bologna.

    It doesn’t matter.

    The race is between PRIM AND HARRISON.

    what part of that is so hard to understand?

    These men, Matt and Schuch have businesses and work BUT they don’t work for the Sheriff’s department and they aren’t going to after the election.

    They are people who supported Prim, their past is their past.

    Who looks into someones past for over 14 years ago? Not even the high ranking politicians do that.

    Just Harrison who is desperate. He couldn’t find anything on Prim so he attacks supporters & people in Prim’s campaign.

    Also Matt McNamara was with Prim during the primary and left his position after that but you forget
    to mention that and that was over 1 year ago.

    You forget that.


    As far as character……Prim has more good character than Harrison has in his little toe nail.

    And who did Harrison surround himself with?

    Nygren,Gary Pack and Zinke now those are a good group of real thugs.

  19. You Prim supporters keep on throwing rocks in your class house and indicating that an alliance was formed between Nygren, Gary Pack and Zinke.

    If this was true, than why did Mr. Harrison exposed Zinke in the RITA Corp incident?

    As for Nygren and Gary Pack, as far as I know, either one of them had been indicted for any wrongdoing, so what is your issue?

    Bill Prim is surrounded by a trail of shenanigans, even his main force behind his campaign.


  20. Eric, I’m not going to bother with someone who does not know what they are talking about.

    Talk to the hand.

    Bye Eric

  21. I understand Voter why you don’t want to bother with me, because you can’t dispute the facts.

    You are no different than Bill Prim avoiding to debate Mr. Harrison because the truth will prevail over all of the horse crap said about Mr. Harrison.

    Join Bill Prim hiding under his rock with Matt McNamara and Mickey Schuch.

  22. Join Harrison under his rock with the 2 campaign contributors with criminal records.

    One contributor is a convicted felon, the other was convicted of DUI and reckless driving.

    SO WHAT!

    Wakeup Eric you are the one throwing rocks at glass houses.

    By the way, there was, an alliance between, Pack, Nygren and Harrison.

    Hmmmmmm When that land deal was presented to Harrsion, they said “Come on Down” because “The Price is Right” Harrison bought the land.

    Regardless, the race is about Prim and Harrison.

    The people will take bak their government on November 4, 2014 by voting for Bill Prim.


    Hey Eric, your bowl of popcorn awaits you!

  23. Here’s a news flash Duncan. It seems like every time Harrison opens his mouth he sticks his foot in it and exposes his real plan. I swear that man forgets what he says in the past.

    In an interview Harrison states that he DOES NOT want the help or involvement by any citizen in the Sheriff’s department.

    Prim wants community involvement because the department serves them and I think the community would like to be actively involved.

    Again Harrison in flip flopping.

    What happened to Harrison’s plan to have the Coffee with the Sheriff program.

    He was the one who said he wanted community involvement now he is saying ” A volunteer citizen program he disagrees with because all the citizens are concerned about is having a badge and a gun”

    So the Coffee with the Sheriff is a bunch of bull only to pacify the community .

    All smoke and mirrors Harrison.

    What is really outrageous is that Harrison is humiliating and putting down the citizens of our County by saying they have the mentality to only want guns and a badge.

    Vote Prim, a Sheriff who will serve the people of McHenry County

  24. The information that will answer this ongoing misleading question has been addressed by Mr. Harrison on his website for several months under the topic of: Straight Answers to Crooked Questions.

    Considering that these Prim supporters are unable to find the answer to their ongoing misleading question, I will copy and paste Mr. Harrison’s response for all to read, and to finally put an end to this misleading question.

    Q. How much did you get from that land deal with the County?

    A. In the early 2000’s, McHenry County began expressing an interest in acquiring my commercial property on Ware Road, across the street from the Courthouse. The property consisted of an acre of land, a 2,400 square foot quad-level structure that had been converted to business-office use, and a detached storage building. I bought the property in 1982, when I was a Deputy Sheriff. In 1995, the zoning was changed to accommodate a professional law office use and thereafter, the property housed my business, Harrison Law Offices, P.C.

    At some point around 2003, I learned that the County intended to exercise its eminent domain powers, if necessary, to take my business property. I was displeased, as I had hoped to further develop the property commercially, so I tried to avoid condemnation by the County by annexing the property to the City of Woodstock (the County cannot condemn property within a municipality). After the annexation, the County used the Public Building Commission instead to acquire my property (the Public Building Commission can condemn private property within a municipality for future public use). At that point I was out of options. I hired a lawyer to represent me in the matter, the McHenry County Public Building Commission hired a lawyer to force the sale, appraisals were obtained by both parties, and the property was acquired by the County in late 2004 for approximately $333,000. For the exact details of the sale, the Deed of Sale is available for purchase from the Recorder of Deeds Office.

    To my knowledge, neither State’s Attorney Gary Pack nor Sheriff Keith Nygren had any involvement in the sale of my commercial property to the County. My attorney and I dealt exclusively with Iver Johnson, the attorney for the McHenry County Public Building Commission.

    Notably, the County first acquired property from an adjacent owner to the east to build the administration building. Then the County acquired my property. Then the County acquired the property west of my property to Route 47, and north of my property as well.

  25. No that is it, Eric is using this blog to spread lies and since no one is reading Harrison’s facebook he is putting lies out here.

    I can now see through you Eric and this is only another desperate ploy by Harrison.

  26. I find it to be amusing how the Prim supporters are saying that the race is about Prim and Harrison, but they are continuously dropping names, such as Pack, Nygren, and Zinke.

    Speaking of Zinke, during the primary, they attacked everyone associated with Zinke, including his family and friends, and even his wife, which I can’t defend because she is a real piece of work.

  27. No one attacked Zinke’s family or wife or friends.

    You lie Eric

    Names about Nygren,Pack and Zinke were brought up BECAUSE Harrison was attacking Prim about his choice of people he associated with and Harrison associated with the worst but Harrison forgot that.

    You try and bait Voter but they are not falling for that.

    I would love to see a debate between you and Voter, Happy Trails and Duncan.

    My bet would be that Voter and a few others I didn’t mention would win hands down.

  28. Harrisons associated with Nygren and it doesn’t get any worse than that…..

  29. As someone just said, “You can’t fix stupid ”

    So Eric can choose to believe all the lies and smoke and mirrors spread by Harrison, that is his right.

    Vote for Prim. A man with honor and integrity,a man who knows who he is and what he stands for, a man who has the experience to lead the men and women in the Sheriff’s department, a man who will serve the people of McHenry County, a man who is after the best for all the citizens and not himself.

    The Right Man at the Right Time

  30. WOW McHenry voter, I cannot believe that you said that no one attacked Zinke’s family or wife or friends.

    I am in a state of shock and I am lost for words.

    Therefore I need to ask for assistance from Voter and Duncan on this one.

    Voter and Duncan, did the Prim supporters attack Zinke’s family and friends, and even his wife during the primary on this blog?

  31. Eric c/Jim….yes you are correct that folks on this blog did go after Ms. Zinke….

    but Bill Prim never was a part of that…nor was his committee…

    it is unfortunate, Jim, that attacks on Bill’s supporters did not come from anyone that supports you, on this blog or any other blog..anonymous and indirect…no they came from you directly…

    it distresses me more that you were able to give back to your benefactor in the SA’s office somewhere around $5,000…

    I suppose it was all to ensure the train would never end…

    I hear the whistle blowin..

  32. I would first like to say Thank YOU Mr. Thorsen for your honesty, and when I voted for you in the primary, I now know for sure that I made the right decision, unfortunately, the outcome was not in our favor that I consider being a great lost to our county.

    I never stated that Bill Prim ever took part of attacking Zinke on this blog, as I believe he has trained blog bullies to do his dirty work for him, while he claims that he has no knowledge about his surroundings.

    This seems to be his defense in every scandal that he encounters, which tells me and many others that he is a poor leader.

    Now for McHenry voter, who is the liar jack-ass?

    The truth has prevailed as “McHenry voter” has been exposed as the liar here and a blog thug!

    Once again, Thank You Mr. Thorsen for your honesty!

  33. you say that I went after Ms. Zinke?

    To this day I don’t know about Ms. Zinke or what people know about Ms. Zinke.

    Eric please post where and what I have said about Ms. Zinke as you are accusing me of that.

    I have never posted anything about Zinke’s family.

    You most likely will not answer this because what you have accused me of is not true.

  34. I have not been exposed as a liar ,as you put it, my posts comments are given by the information I see.

    I said there were no comments about going after Ms. Zinke because I did not see any.

    If someone else saw comments then they did but I haven’t seen any.

    I’m also not a blog thug.

    You just don’t like some of the things I say because you can not discredit me.

    I go by what I read, documents,and news articles.

  35. “Eric C”
    I never stated that Bill Prim ever took part of attacking Zinke on this blog, as I believe he has trained blog bullies to do his dirty work for him, while he claims that he has no knowledge about his surroundings”

    WOW! Your paranoia is shining brightly today.

    Prim has never trained anyone to do dirty work.

    And, I don’t ask anyone, including Bill Prim, what I can or cannot say on any blog, including this one…

    Lets see, have you ever heard of the constitution and the rights of every American to use freedom of speech?

    You might want to review those concepts related to the United States constitution.

    While your’e at it, you might want to ask some psychiatrist for a double dose of your meds…

    What are we gonna do with you Eric?

    Go rest, until you can regain thinking that is not distorted.

    If your’e the kind of guy that stands by the Harrison camp, that says it all. SCARY!

    Calling Dr Christopher Grote, it’s an Eric C Emergency.

  36. Eric my dear boy, you call McHenry voter a jackass and liar?

    I see they told the truth. Maybe they only read the recent comments and missed some things that were said. SO when they made their comment it was the truth as they new it.

    Jeff Thorsen on the other hand said he saw something and he told the truth.

    You are right Duncan on your comment. I don’t know if Prim even reads the
    blog as Harrison does.We know this to be true when he told you on his facebook

    ” To go back to your blog” If Harrison was really for the people he would never had said that to you but we all know Harrison.

    I think we can see that Eric is desperate and wants his man to win but…….

    Eric thinks Prim is telling people what to say but in reality that is so far from the truth.

    Eric believes this and is paranoid because Harrison is guilty on what Eric is blaming Prim of doing.

    So who is a jackass, well not McHenry voter but you Eric.

  37. Hey, check out a video of Anton Cundiff’s endorsement for Prim as Sheriff.

    Go to Bill Prim’s facebook page and see it for yourself.

    There was also a lot of employees from the Sheriff’s department there.

  38. Good try twisting your comment around McHenry voter, but you failed terribly.

    Read your own comment liar, you stated that “No one attacked Zinke’s family or wife or friends,” where did I say THAT you went after Zinke?

    I simply replied to your false claim that “No one attacked Zinke’s family or wife or friends.”

    What’s wrong with you?

    You now look like a fool.

  39. Eric, you are the biggest fool of all, assuming that Prim trained blog bullies to do dirty work for him. That is the most ridiculous statement, ever made on this blog.

  40. Eric, you are the biggest fool of all, assuming that Prim trained blog bullies to do dirty work for him. That is the most ridiculous statement, ever made on this blog.

  41. Eric, you are the biggest fool of all, assuming that Prim trained blog bullies to do dirty work for him.

    That is the most ridiculous statement, ever made on this blog.

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