Five Politicians Parade in Marengo

Don Lockhart

Don Lockhart

Partisan politicians were few and far between community organizations and commercial entries in Marengo’s Settlers Days Parade Sunday.

Not counting the Mayor of Marengo, Don Lockhart, and Union Village President Robert Wagner, there were only five politicians in the town’s Settlers’ Days Parade.

First up was State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo).

Jack Franks greets parade goers.

Jack Franks greets parade goers.

He was up close and personal with the folks standing next to me. Lots of volunteers accompanied him.

Next up was Bill Prim.

Bill Prim marching.

Bill Prim marching.

He had a float and a big truck.

Prim supporters marching.

Prim supporters marching.

He has 30-35 people marching with him and riding on the float. Some were handing out campaign literature.

Behind a far bit was Jim Harrison’s entry.

Jim Harrison marching in the parade.

Jim Harrison marching in the parade.

He and his wife were joined by five volunteers.

The final candidates were two incumbent McHenry County Officials.

Leslie and Palmer

Pam Palmer and Leslie Schermerhorn

County Auditor Pam Palmer, not on the ballot, and Regional Superintendent of Schools Leslie Schimerhorn rode together in a convertible.

The cannon being fired.

The cannon’s being fired.

The biggest boom of the parade was the Confederate cannon that was periodically fired at a skirmish line of Union soldiers.

As I walked to the end of the parade taking photos of the Civil War reenactors, I found former McHenry County Circuit Clerk Bill Kays.

Bill Kays

Bill Kays

He was sitting across from the Methodist Church he attends.

Meanwhile, Republican candidate for State Rep. Steve Reick was campaigning on the sidelines of the parade from back to front.

“I got most of the way to the beginning, then met the parade coming the other way, so I just went back.

“I picked up 8 sign locations along the parade route, 4 of them from people who had Jack Franks’ signs in their yards.”


Five Politicians Parade in Marengo — 44 Comments

  1. Only 5 volunteers ?

    Too bad, so sad …thought there would be at least 9,000 or so…..

  2. It was the last parade and we are going to miss those fun times.

    They weren’t just parades to the Prim supporters, they were a time to get together after the parade and have community time while supporting a great candidate.

    We don’t have long now before we vote for the best man to lead the Sheriff’s department.

    Bill Prim is that man.

    His campaign has not only been about his excellent background and experience and his ability to lead it has been about:

    a man who is dedicated to serve the people of MCHenry County

    a man who will bring honor back into the Sheriff’s department

    a man who is proud that his campaign is about community and NOT about

    mud slinging and dirt throwing. It’ NOT about hurting people bringing up

    things in a volunteers past 14 years ago.


    Vote Prim for a great future !!

  3. Lockhart better lay off the donuts.

    He should have been walking.

  4. Great speech Bill, you sounded so sincere you almost convinced me, until you mentioned volunteers, and I thought of Matt McNamara and Mickey Schuch.

  5. Here is a great quote for Eric C and Mr. Harrison.

    It was a quote made thousands of years ago by a son who had a great Father.

    ” Do not judge, or you too will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”

    There is another quote:

    ” you hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye”

    Harrison will be judged for spreading lies to benefit his own desires.

    He judged Matt and Mickey and now has added Tina Hill by stating Prim and her went out drinking and stole campaign signs.

    Wow is all I can say.

  6. Ah, the Harrison trolls, same as Democrat trolls paid to leave comments here and other places.

    Harrison/Democrats will lie to gain office.

    “You can keep your Dr, you can keep your health insurance, families will save $2500 with Obamacare”

    Democrats lie.

  7. Please do not vote for Regional Superintendent of Schools Leslie Schimerhorn .

    Better to leave the ballet blank than vote for the foolish woman.

  8. What did Leslie do now?

    Close another Sedom Center?

    McHenry County could save some money just eliminating that position.

  9. Also be very careful if you are considering voting for Jim Harrison.

    He has been caught again and for being an attorney what part of ” to tell the truth, the whole truth, doesn’t Harrison understand?

    Harrison states in his ” Confidence of the People” that he was employed by the Sheriff’s department for 7 1/2 years.


    Harrison is telling half truths.

    Will he be transparent with the community since he has shown by his own statement that he his telling only 1/2 truths? Will Harrison be only half transparent?

  10. Here is another reason to question Harrison’s comments.

    Harrison says he is going to have meeting with all the department heads and personally interview all the personnel.

    Well of course Harrison had to do that.

    It is not because of his concerns, it is because he knows nothing about running a Sheriff’s department and he has to ask to find out about it.

    Harrison’s only experience in the Sheriff’s department was 25 YEARS AGO.

    Like voter says he forgets to tell people that.

    What else is Harrison going to FORGET to tell the people of McHenry County.

    Too much of a risk for me.

    Go with Prim who has the background and experience which is current.

  11. If you take away Harrison and his wife and a family member that is only 2 supporters.

    Sad day for Harrison in Marengo.

    Maybe his once supporters have gotten smart and don’t like the way he is running his campaign.

  12. He probably didn’t get that lesson in kindergarten, and if he did he ignored it..

  13. I can’t figure out why Harrison always thanks the people and that he had such a warm welcome.

    The pictures show he was at the parade but his mind must have been elsewhere.

    When Prim’s float went by people showed excitement and comments being yelled, go Prim, Prim for Sheriff.

    When Harrison walked by there was none of that.

    Maybe Harrison thinks silence is golden.

  14. Harrison appears to be spending most of his time campaigning at the donut shop!

    Wow Jim, are you sure you are in shape as to be threatening folks with your “Free Karate” lessons?

    Your ‘Yellow Shirts’ look like the sheets of a three year old who can’t wake up at night to use the potty!

  15. I hear that Harrison is planning all kinds of things for the Sheriff’s department that are not needed.

    This will cost us all more in taxes.

    He sounds like a kid in a candy shop.

    Prim said he was going to evaluate programs and see what is working and what isn’t and go from there.

    Now that sounds like good judgement on Prim’s part.

    What is worse is that Harrison has NO idea what it takes to run a department.

    He was in the department 25 years ago.

    That is why Harrison has to have all those meetings every week with the leaders so they can tell him what is going on and get their ideas.

  16. The Sheriff’s department currently has a very effective community relations department, working within the community and the schools.

    JIM HARRISON wants to change all this and his plan will increase taxes, everyone’s taxes.

    Is he kidding.

    He is already making all these BIG plans and he is not even voted in, which he won’t be)He doesn’t even know what is going on in the department.

    WATCH OUT for Harrison’s plans he will cost the tax payers BIG BUCKS which are not needed.

    But we all have come to know if it isn’t Harrison’s idea it is no good.

  17. Watch out all you Police Chiefs in McHenry County.

    It looks like Jim Harrison is over stepping his bounds as a candidate for Sheriff.

    Harrison doesn’t think your departments are doing enough for the kids in your area.

    This is not true and the local police have wonderful programs.

    Seems like Harrison wants to control your programs too.

  18. I was in shock to hear that Bill Prim showed up at the Marengo Settlers Day parade accompanied by Mickey Schuch, who was arrested for armed robbery and home invasion in Crystal Lake.

    What was Bill Prim thinking?

    Is he that desperate to have the Priminals to show up?

    Where was Matt McNamara or Mike McCleary?

  19. a 14 year old story and you make it like it was yesterday.

    How much involvement could he have had when he got ONLY COMMUNITY SERVICE.

    What kind of fool are you Eric (Harrison)The no experience of your choice,Harrison, and the negative campaign he is running is going to be your downfall.

    Harrison’s employment with the Sheriff’s department 25 YEARS AGO is not going to cut it.

    Times are running out and no one is going for your attacking a volunteer
    and supporter.

    If you can’t run on your own merit then you shouldn’t be running.

    Vote Prim in November as he is experienced, has a outstanding reputation throughout the law enforcement community

    Prim has integrity, character and the desire to serve the people in McHenry

    Runs a clean campaign and positive campaign

  20. I did see that Harrison’s new plans are going to cost the tax payers
    a lot of money but I doubt very much if it goes anywhere.

    I also noticed that big mouth Eric failed to comment on that. l.o.l.

  21. The real issues are not about something that happened years ago.

    The question is what type of experience or credentials does Harrison bring to the table, that qualifies him to run the sheriffs department?.

    He was a Sheriffs officer 25 years ago for eight years.

    Big deal, he has a law degree, which means nothing when running the McHenry County Sheriffs office.

    Don’t even bother with the serve and deflect, everyone knows Harrison’s true colors.

    News flash, Mr Neanderthal, Jerry Springer shock jock does not have the qualifications.

  22. Someone is not telling the truth.

    From the newspaper 10/1/2014…”Schuch received 74 days of periodic imprisonment, or work release, and two years of probation on criminal damage and trespassing charges. He also was ordered to pay $4,510 as part of a plea deal that occurred under the previous state’s attorney administration.”…

    I didn’t bring it up but my interest was piqued.

  23. Harrison wants to make this a big felony case against a volunteer that happened 14 years ago.

    Your findings are right Cindy.

    the work release is community service.

    I think the amount of the fine may have been dropped to $110.00 but I’m not sure.

    After the investigation it was obvious that the charges were put down to a misdemeanor.

    This is a ditch effort by Harrison and the Sheriff’s race should be about Prim and Harrison not the public.

  24. It is hard to keep track of all the manure you blog clowns are trying to sell here.

    First you say that the Sheriff’s race should be about Prim and Harrison, but you clowns keep on dropping names like Nygren, Gary Pack, and Zinke.

    The one that is most enjoyable is the recent statement by Voter when he said a 14 year old story and you make it like it was yesterday.

    You clowns repeatedly bring up Mr. Harrison’s history, even further than 14 years ago as it happened yesterday.

    You can’t have it only one way clowns, you dish it out, and I will send it back to the kitchen.

    Let your games begin!

    The people of McHenry County will end these games when they elected Jim Harrison Sheriff, so go enjoy your popcorn clowns before it’s all over.

  25. Currently, as of today’s date, Jim Harrison employes as part of his campaign, Demodica.

    All readers of the blog know about Demodica and the troubled current history.

    Jim Harrison has a troubled past with collecting millions of tax dollars because of the sweetheart deal with the States Attorney at the time.

    Now, compare any of these two to Prim’s campaign.

    You come up with no comparison.

    I do know that if Jim Harrison gets elected, get used to more senseless lawsuits from Jim Harrison,
    so he can bilk more tax dollars from the McHenry tax payers.

    That’s how he works.

    I do not see any positives for Mchenry County by electing a person to the sheriff’s office that will sue for comments made on this blog.

    Jim Harrison has threatened folks that have commented on this blog too.

    Get used to a BULLY sheriff if Jim Harrison gets elected.

    Jim Harrison is just like Obama, imho.

    He would probably report you to the IRS too!

  26. It’s obvious that you know nothing, just throwing more of your manure around.

    If Bill Prim becomes elected, it would be worse than the Ebola epidemic hitting McHenry County.

    Thank God the people of McHenry County will still have a chance to stop this epidemic from spreading by electing Jim Harrison as Sheriff.

  27. Oh Gee, only 19 more days and the desperation is really showing now in the Harrison camp!!

    Eric you are getting into EBOLA. l.o.l.

    You would think around this time you guys would be talking about Harrison’s qualifications. l.o.l.

  28. Eric? Please explain. What does a fake pandemic hoax have to do with the county sheriff’s election? I am really curious where you are going with this. What are you trying to say? Are we to follow you down this rabbit hole? Or did you just take the blue pill?

  29. The fact that Tamara Demodica works for Mr Jerry Springer shock AKA Jim Harrison, does not lend any credibility to Jim Harrison.

    In fact, it makes him look really bad that he would hire Tamara Demodica AKA Fukoku, after the Zinke fiasco.

    Jim, what were you thinking?

    Bob Demodica is friends with Nygren, so one can see how politically connected they are.

    Very much doubt she was hired because of her professional credentials.

  30. Voter’s correct and Mickey got off with conviction for two misdemeanors but he was fined over $4600 and that fine stood, as did two years probation and the work release which is NOT community service – it means he’s allowed out of jail to go to his regular job and then come back and spend the rest of the day in jail. Runs in the family as Joseph Schuch was charged with burglary in the past couple years to a church or school, a felony, and got his charges reduced to a misdemeanor after failing a drug test while out on bond, He just went to court this year.

    So what?

    Both candidates seem to be capable of surrounding themselves with morons who can’t seem to avoid the bad side of the law so now they want to be sucking up to what we would hope is the good side. What are the odds?

  31. Can’t anyone stick with what the race is for, becoming the Sheriff.

    Harrison wants this to be a diversion why?

  32. Voter has it right.

    Harrison has 8 years experience, 25 years ago.

    Prim is the right person for the job.

    November 4, 2014

  33. How can anyone run such a negative campaign is beyond me and Harrison seems to have that down pat.

    If you go to Prim’s facebook you will see a positive campaign.

    His background and qualifications are positive.

    No negative comments by Prim or his supporters, even look at the parade pictures and event pictures.

    They are all about community and serving the people of McHenry County.

    Everything is positive.

    Now if you see Harrison’s facebook, all you see is negativity, allegations,even his supporters throw negative comments and mostly Harrison himself throws dirt.

    Nothing positive.

    Nothing about the people of McHenry County in the comments.

    No big supporters and people having a good time during the parades and no event pictures?

    Even tonight at the forum for new board members Harrison has turned that into “It’s all about me”

    he told people he would be there to answer all their questions.

    Someone should tell Harrison it is not HIS night.

  34. Here is another negative…..Harrison is now blaming the Prim supporters for cutting his campaign sign in half.

    Did he ever think it was someone who just plain doesn’t like him or in my opinion it was the Harrison team who thought this up and now are playing another silly game and childish accusations.

    Desperation does funny things to a person.

  35. You meatheads talk a lot about Tamara Demodica AKA Fukoku, but we all know that the fight between Duncan and Fukoku on this blog was staged and directed by Lou Bianchi.

    Whatever happened to this great so call lawsuit?

    Just another one of many of Lou Bianchi’s shenanigan’s.

  36. Eric, your paranoia is shining brightly again today.

    Last, I heard Fukoku’s Attorney is Jim Harrison.

    Nothing was staged by Lou Bianchi, and this blog has never been discussed with Lou Bianchi.

    Not ever.

    Fukoku AKA Tamara Demodica created that situation herself and she clearly slandered Lou Bianchi, more than once in her comments…

    That’s the problem with Tamara and Bob Demodica, they have played the victim card over and over again.

    Just ask the residents from the Mistwood subdivision.

    Now, it’s time for someone to hold them accountable.

  37. Duncan I smell your smoke, but I don’t see any fire!

    Whatever happened to this great so call slander lawsuit filed by Lou Bianchi?

    I have not heard a word from Cal or the newspaper, which makes me believe that this is all a scam that was staged, because Demodica and Bianchi are well known friends.

    And how would you know if this blog has never been discussed with Lou Bianchi, unless you are in contact with Lou Bianchi.

    It does not add up Duncan.

    Should we all get our popcorn while we watch the great performance between you and Fukoku?

    You and Bianchi almost had us all fooled, bravo-bravo!

  38. Duncan, I just figured it out who you are without even trying.

    When you said that “Nothing was staged by Lou Bianchi, and this blog has never been discussed with Lou Bianchi.”

    And than you said “Not ever,” you could only be one person, Cal Skinner.

    This explains it all.

    This is why Duncan is on this blog 24/7 trying to stir up controversy, like the staged performance between Duncan and Fukoku, which brought a lot of attention to this blog.

    Bravo Cal Skinner AKA Duncan Mchenry!

  39. Cal, we all know who you are and thanks for the person you are !!! and some of us know who Duncan is and thanks for the person they are and Eric, we don’t care who you are.


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