Dems Attack “Good Old Boys”

A campaign piece is being delivered door-to-door at least in Woodstock which attacks the “Good Old Boys.”  (If you have seen it elsewhere, please tell us where in the comment section.)

Set aside that most people who attack that amorphous group who supposedly pull strings behind the scenes abbreviate “old” to “‘Ol” as in “Good Ol’ Boys.”  (See bottom image.)

Franks Schaffer Hit Piecxe Triple Dipper

Jack Schaffer, former State Senator, County Auditor, Metra Board member and a Department Director under Governor Jim Edgar is featured on this Democratic Party mailing.

The main page features Jack Franks’ hate symbol, Jack Schaffer.

Schaffer owns Liberty Outdoor Advertising and had the audacity to rent the billboard nearest the State Rep.’s Route 47 Woodstock office for an anti-Franks message. You can see the 2010 message below:

The 2010 billboard that caught Jack Franks' attention.

The 2010 billboard that caught Jack Franks’ attention.  Four years later the figures are undoubtedly much higher.

After this billboard appeared during the John O’Neill challenge of Franks in the 2010 election, Franks showed the temper for which he is well-known.

Of course, Franks denied that his attacks on then-Metra Board member Schaffer after the election were motivated by the billboard. (I lay out the chronology of the feud here, if your interest is deep.)

Schaffer has been out of elective office since 1993, but in the public eye recently for voting “Hell No!” to the motion to dismiss the reform Metra Executive Director.

Schaffer is not running for office now, but gets top billing in the mailing from an unknown group called “Citizens Against Cronyism.”

No address for the front group is given, but one can guess that Jack Franks is involved.

It follows the example set by Jack Franks supporters against John O’Neill in 2010.

Read to the two articles below for details:

Franks Schaffer Hit Piece Hammerand-Jung Reick

Republican candidates John Hammerand, John Jung and Steve Reick are labeled as “Good Old Boys” by this hit piece. Both Hammerand and Jung has served on the County Board for a good number of years. Reick, running against Jack Franks for State Representative has not run for public office before.

As you can see, on

the address side are negative messages against two incumbent McHenry County Board members, John Hammerand and John Jung.

Both have been on the McHenry County Board for years, but both are the strongest GOP candidates in their districts.

In Hammerand’s District 4, running mate Chuck Wheeler is running for the Board for the first time. He is trying to replace Sandy Salgado, who is retiring.  Wheeler runs an insurance agency.

Running against Wheeler is Democratic Party candidate Arne Waltmire.  Waltmire ran poorly (7th out of nine) in the last McHenry County College Board election.  The then teacher union official benefited from much teacher union money then and has had a significant infusion since then.  He has almost $15,000 in the bank.

Jung was defeated by Democrat Paula Yensen four years ago, but regained his seat during the reapportionment election in 2012.  Yensen is up for re-election this year.

The other Republican is Michael Rein, who ran

If there is a strategy involved in attacking the strongest Republican in each of these County Board districts, I cannot discern it.

The third candidate attacked is Steve Reick, the Republican opponent to State Rep. Jack Franks.

Although pledging to run for only three terms when he first ran in 1998, Franks is seeking his ninth term.


Dems Attack “Good Old Boys” — 3 Comments

  1. Jack Franks keeps getting elected by the people who profess their disgust for his voting record.

    As long as he keeps getting elected with large margins he fears no one and nothing locally.

    He could care less about what anyone thinks of him.

    He will do as he pleases and then grant Daddy his due for supporting baby boy.

    Jack has screamed his disdain for McHenry County and her citizenry and yet people continue to vote overwhelmingly for him.

    Schaffer could care less what Franks thinks.

    As a matter of fact I’m certain this type of money wasting piece makes Schaffer giggle.

    At least Schaffer doesn’t fear a fight with Franks. T

    his is more than I can say for the Republican Party to date. F

    ind a good candidate, give them the money, education and logistical support they need and watch Franks cower.

  2. Priest is right ……..

    Franks is such a disgusting frontboy of all the wrong lobbies…….

    Franks regularly impersonates a Catholic at Marian Central events …….

    I wonder what his synagogue would say about that?

  3. Great pics of the Jacks!

    Neither one has missed meal recently!!!

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