AG Candidate Paul Schimpf Calls on Lisa Madigan to Probe Early Voting Problems

A press release from the Republicans’ candidate for Attorney General Paul Schimpt:


Schimpf, Paul looking right

Paul Schimpf

WATERLOO, IL – Republican Attorney General Candidate Paul Schimpf issued the following statement in response to the problem State Representative Candidate Jim Moynihan had casting his vote in Cook County and the suspension of early voting in Rockford and Winnebago County:

“Nothing is more critical to the success of our democracy than the integrity of our elections. I call on Lisa Madigan to immediately open investigations into these voting irregularities.”


AG Candidate Paul Schimpf Calls on Lisa Madigan to Probe Early Voting Problems — 3 Comments

  1. Oh yeah, right ………..

    Good Luck with that request Paul!

  2. Nothing wrong with asking the question.

    The bigger issue is why are we using Touchscreens?

    Anyone who has a functioning brain and is a little bit familiar with a computer knows there is no such thing as totally secure software!..

    Insofar as the internet being secure:

    Why do you think the Pentagon is withholding test results on internet voting: HOWEVER,

    this year, yet again, military votes are being recorded via the internet.

    Even Opti-scanners can be fixed but at least you have a paper ballot which can be re-counted.

    If you early vote and use the touch screen make damn sure you check the printed ballot before you accept it!!!

  3. Cautious – THAT is why I do not like the early voting.

    Using old touch screens that are easily messed with.

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