A Mailing Jack Franks Admits Sending

Here is a campaign piece that its identifying line says comes from “Supporters of Jack D. Franks.”

FRanks lit endorsement paid for

Look in the lower right hand corner of the side of the mailing below with the photo of Jack Franks’ family. You will see “Paid for by Supporters of Jack D. Franks.”

Franks lit endorsement reprise 10-14 front

The upper right hand photo apparently shows one of the places Jack Franks goes to get his deep suntan.

Franks lit endorsement reprise 10-14 back

Here Jack Franks uses newspaper articles from this past spring to advance his candidacy..

Look back again at the placement of the committee paying for the above piece.

Then, look at the one below, which comes from this anti-Steve Reick hit piece:

Reick Franks hit pece ID

The committee’s identification is in the same place on the hit piece about Jack Franks’ opponent Steve Reick as it is on the Jack Franks’ campaign piece.

Just a coincidence, right?


A Mailing Jack Franks Admits Sending — 5 Comments

  1. That tanning thing Jack’s got going, is over the top weird.

    He does seem to hit a lot of the criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder from what I’ve read.

    Arrogant, expectations for special treatment, preoccupied with his own attractiveness, power, takes advantage of others to achieve his ends, etc.

    Or am I just describing the entire Illinois political class?

    We need a mental health professional to weigh in here with an opinion.

  2. Is Franks and/or family members on the list for DUMBs access?

    If so, has his family paid appropriate income taxes on that perquisite (fringe benefit), commensurate with present value of timeshare ownership interests in emergency-equipped bunkers?

    Ebola is just the latest public threat to the existence of the human race.

    It is galling to think that not only are taxpayer dollars committed to the building and upkeep of luxury Deep Underground Military Bunkers (DUMBs) for exclusive use of privileged government insiders, but that these insiders and their families are not paying taxes on the fringe benefit (perquisite) per IRS regulations.

  3. Any sportsman, especially those who enjoy time out on the lakes fishing for hours as the hot sun reflects off the water onto your face, do get very, very deep dark suntans.

    Pro sports t-shirts that serious fisherman wear come down to just mid-elbow area so the forearms also are deeply tanned.

    I sure miss those days to be certain.

    Franks deep tan may be as simple as this?

    Just ask’n!

  4. David Bachmann appears to have filled an early prescription for some of that wacky tobaccy!

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