Rauner Says Quinn Has Gone into Hiding

A communication from Republican candidate for Governor, Bruce Rauner:

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

The Chicago Tribune’s breaking news headline said it all: “Federal judge deals Quinn ethics blow on IDOT patronage hiring.”  [The article is here.]

And then Pat Quinn disappeared…

Media reports had him campaigning with Vice President Joe Biden today, but now with this latest development Quinn ditched the public appearance.

A federal judge in Chicago confirmed what we’ve known all along – Pat Quinn is a phony reformer who can’t be trusted to clean up state government.

Vice President Joe Biden flew into Chicago TODAY thinking he was going to help rescue Pat Quinn from the verge of defeat.

But now Quinn’s GONE MISSING from his own rally with the VICE PRESIDENT after a federal judge confirmed he’s a phony reformer who can’t be trusted.


Rauner Says Quinn Has Gone into Hiding — 9 Comments

  1. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202256460364572&set=a.1359238792666.2046450.1582422915&type=1

    Heres a picture of one of the local 150 boys with Quinn. I have been told that the local 150 guy is an enforcer.

    Believe me, you don’t want to mess with the enforcers, if you happen to be a business owner in McHenry County, and you refuse to pay to do business.


    It is now up to the people to use the power of the vote, to free themselves from one of the most corrupt States in the country…

    Time for the people of Illinois to take back their government.

    Come on people, join the crusaders in the fight against corruption.

    Vote BRUCE RAUNER November 4, 2014

  2. I can’t think of anything more destructive or funny-er than the combination of Pat Quinn and Joe Biden being together. ( and trying to get a point across)

  3. I’m terrified by McHenry’s ‘enforcer’.

    Looks like Homer Simpson with a beard and almost as scary as a Walter White figurine at Toys r Us.

  4. Nope… he lied.

    This is a blatant lie:

    But now Quinn’s GONE MISSING from his own rally with the VICE PRESIDENT after a federal judge confirmed he’s a phony reformer who can’t be trusted.

    It was not Quinn’s rally.

    It was NEVER Quinn’s rally.

    Rauner and the IL GOP – the facts go against their argument, do they just make up their own “facts.”

  5. The Chicago Sun-Times, historically the “Democratic” newspaper in Chicago, endorsed Bruce Rauner.

    However, Rauner owned a 10% stake in Wrapports LLC, the parent company of the Sun-Times, prior to launching his big-money gubernatorial bid.

    The fact that a newspaper that once fired every one of its full-time photojournalists is endorsing Rauner for Governor of Illinois shows you how terrible of a governor of this state he would be.

    Also, a Rauner win will cause gridlock in Springfield when he is up against the blockhead Mike Madigan and nothing get done like in DC.

  6. Why Ice Float – I’ll take the gridlock.

    The less they do, the less they can cost us.

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