Republicans Roll Out NWH Advertising Campaign

On page five of Sunday’s Northwest Herald was the first of what must be at least several ads for GOP candidates paid for by the McHenry County Republican Party.

It features gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner and Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim. You can see most of the half page color ad below. On the right hand side of the page were the names of all the Republican candidates on the ballot.

GOP Ad NWH 10-19-14

About 30% of the households in McHenry County receive the NWH.

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It seems to me that Steve Reick’s candidacy should have been featured as well. Maybe that will appear in a future ad.

The Herald does offer zoned advertising, although with the way legislative districts are drawn, the zones would be hard to match the districts.

Guess that means the GOP could also feature County Board districts were Democrats are running. There are four Democrats on the ballot covering all of the densely populated part of the County but Crystal Lake south of Crystal Lake Avenue and northern Lake in the Hills.


Republicans Roll Out NWH Advertising Campaign — 5 Comments

  1. Great ad …….

    Vote Rauner for the change Illinois has been looking for and Prim for a Sheriff who will work for and serve the people of McHenry County.

  2. Four people running under the Democrat banner.

    How many running under the Republican banner are actually Democrats in disguise?

    Remember the Democrat election sign on the Miller truck in a recent parade.

    Where the others really Democrats also?

  3. Connecting dots has made a point.

    These are people who use “labels” as they suit them;what a tangled web we weave…Miller, Shea, Harrison, Chirikos, Nowak; just follow the money.

    Not too difficult to see through their game, is it?

  4. Harrison has demonstrated, by his actions, that he may be running as a Independent but when he asks people to donate money to the Democratic party in his name and attends Democratic events and has the Democratic party help him get signatures, then this leads me to believe he is a Democrat.

    Harrison is the perfect example of ” I’ll be whatever you want me to be to get what I want”

    Vote Prim.a true Republican

  5. These political ads always scream the two worst words in language, ‘trust me’.

    Always lofty goals without any kind of plan and that my fellow bloggers, is called a wish.

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