Chirikos Goes with Unique Billboards

District 1 McHenry County Board member Nick Chirikos has billboards unlike any seen before locally.

They are not rectangles.

They have an add-on that make them more memorable.

"Stick with Nick" the simulated Post-It Note says.

“Stick with Nick” the simulated Post-It Note says.

Democrat Chirikos is running against Republican incumbent Robert Nowak and newcomer Andrew Gasser in the district comprising parts or all of Algonquin, Barrington Hills, Cary, Fox River Grove and Lake in the Hills.


Chirikos Goes with Unique Billboards — 11 Comments

  1. “Stick with Nick”

    It should read

    Stick it to Nick

    That was the first thing I thought of, maybe others will too and that add on will result in a good laugh

    I think the Democrats and INDEPENDENTS are going to be surprised Nov.4

  2. Nick said ‘taxes aren’t too high’, you serfs just need to make more to pay them.

    The perfect example of a Democrat’s mindset.

    But I don’t understand why that Chirikos gem, isn’t on his billboard, if that’s what he thinks.

    Is it because he’d have to change ‘Stick with Nick’ to Nick will Stick?

  3. The following is what my brand new Political Advertisement Corporation came up with for Nick.

    “His fingers will get real sticky, if you check the box for Nicky!”

    Cast your vote for “Nick the Dick!”

    This ad had been approved by “Nick the Dick” for County Board Member…Tax, title and other fees not included!!

    For some reason after our ‘presentation meeting’ with Mr. Cheerios, we never heard back from him!

  4. Remember he is the same guy who said average salaries in McHenry county was $70000 and at the gathering all board members thought taxes were too high except nick.


  5. Hey Nick, Bye, bye.

    Jack Franks has a pail full of……if your’e lucky he will share.

    On second thought forget it, he is busy with Jill…..

  6. I’m sorry I’m so late to comment.

    I’m working harder to make more money so that I can afford my taxes that Nick tells me aren’t too high.

    This guy represents the mindless gnomes that now occupy government.

    If we “stick with Nick”, we’re stuck alright.

    It’s bad enough that a dolt like Nick – with his expressed understanding of taxation – is even on the ballot.

  7. I am sorry to read the ugliness above that is directed at Nick.

    My guess is that most of you don’t know Nick.

    If you have a different position on issues, state it.

    But it’s not necessary to be so ugly.

    And, if you aren’t writing under your own name, grow some backbone and put your own name on your comments.

  8. Gus; If YOU knew Nick, you’d know the comments were pretty accurate.

    Nick likes to hear himslf talk.

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