Lisa Madigan Backers Sent Attack Piece Against Paul Schimpf

A press release from the Republican candidate for Attorney General, Paul Schimpf:


WATERLOO, IL – Lisa Madigan’s left wing cohorts sent out an attack direct mail piece and have broken the number one rule for an incumbent candidate – never acknowledge your opponent by name.

Paul Schimpf

Paul Schimpf

This, along with the millions spent on prime time TV ads, proves that Lisa Madigan realizes voters are ready to place their trust in another candidate.

Unfortunately, instead of running a positive campaign, Lisa Madigan’s supporters have chosen to join the mudslinging this election year by recycling standard progressive falsehoods that accuse Republicans of waging a war on women.

As our Attorney General, Paul Schimpf will fight corruption, not make economic or social policy for Illinois.

Furthermore, Paul will abide by all Supreme Court rulings including Roe v. Wade and Hobby Lobby (protecting an employer’s First Amendment Right not to pay for certain forms of birth control).

This attack piece illustrates, yet again, Lisa Madigan’s status as a fierce partisan who is unable to run on her dismal anti-corruption record.

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The mailing, from Lisa Madigan’s ally Planned Parenthood, can be seen below”
Madigan PP attack addressMadigan PP attack back


Lisa Madigan Backers Sent Attack Piece Against Paul Schimpf — 11 Comments

  1. Clearly Lisa Madigan actually believes women are empty headed idiots who’s only concern is being able to kill their unborn children.

    Most women today are well and truly beyond the days of not understanding the world around them. Women are engaged, educated and voting intelligently.

    I’m not even sure the fear mongering of years past about this or that party attacking someone’s sexuality, desire to abort children, professional pay structure or any number of other social issues even resonates past the mouth breathers who’s only information is Fox or MSNBC or John Stewart.

    The Office of Attorney General can only enforce the law, it does not make policy.

    People with a room temperature IQ know this to be true.

    Paul Schimpf won this political round and didn’t even have to spend a dime.

    Thank you Lisa.

    Thank you Planned Parenthood.

    And thank you to all the taxpayers who have supported this mailer with their hard earned tax dollars which go to Planned Parenthood so they can treat women like cattle to be sterilized and milked for votes.

  2. Schimpf lead the prosecution team against Saddam Hussein.

    He has been a first hand witness to the consequences that corruption has on any government.

    He knows all too well, that corruption within any government is a threat to it’s existence.

    It’s not the players of corruption that pay the price, it’s the people for which the government is supposed to protect and represent.

    Help put a stop to corruption in Illinois, by casting your vote for Paul Schimpf, November 4, 2014.

    Vote Paul Schimpf!

  3. Women believe they shouldmake the choices for their own bodies, not legislators.

    I say we need to look at men more in the process.

    We have dna tests.

    Why don’t we use them and prosecute fathers who don’t support the children they fathered and if they are repeat offenders why not castration?

    Duncan said Schimpf lead the prosecution against Saddam but look at Iraq now and the entire region, maybe they needed to plan for after Saddam because it is a mess now created by the Iraq war which is the longest war we were involved in.

    Madigan gets my vote and support, and men have no business making decisions for women.

    Without a woman having control of her own body she has no rights at all.

  4. karma, what don’t you get about the AG’s office having no influence over abortion.

    I too wish that the Republican party would wise up over this issue, I’m a pro choice republican.

    Unless you’re running for Supreme Court Justice, I don’t care where you stand on this issue.

    You falling for that offensive and ridiculous mailing is just what she was after.

  5. How much do think the Madigan clan has cost this State?

    Grandpa was a honcho for the notorious Street and San for 30 years.

    His kids law firm has half of the buildings downtown getting assessment favors and now two of his kids are senior level in the State, with another’s hooks in transportation.

    It’s all out of your pockets, so go ahead, keep voting for this kleptocracy.

  6. Karma, big picture.

    Maybe, they should have made a plan for Iraq after Saddam was gone.

    However, Schimpf is a prosecutor, he did not lead the war efforts, as his role was in the courtroom.

  7. Attorney Generals do make lawsuits to get birth control coverage and changes to it. Rad about the Ohio Attorney General

    Also just today the McHenry County Board turned down half a million dollars to pay for counselors to help uninsured sign up for healthcare.

    They don’t care about the uninsured like people from Brown Printing who are without jobs now and the Attorney General can fight for these things or choose to go against the Affordable Care Act aka Romneycare, a Heritage Foundation and Republican idea.

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