Robo-Call Urges Obamacare Opponents to Attend Wed. Night County Board Meeting

Heard a recorded robo-call this evening that urged people to attend the McHenry County Board meeting at which another attempt will be made to pass something under $500,000 to finance people to help other people figure out Obamacare.

The text was something like this:

The McHenry County Board already said, “No,” to more Obamacare, but tomorrow at 7 PM special interests are going to try to reverse the vote.

We can’t afford Obamacare.

Please attend tomorrow night.

Paid for by Illinois Political Action.

There was also a phone number given.

The vote to accept the huge grant was 10-10 last time around.  (Motiions with tie votes fail.)

The County Board meets at the Administrative Building north of the County Jail.



Robo-Call Urges Obamacare Opponents to Attend Wed. Night County Board Meeting — 10 Comments

  1. Imagine the ‘arm-twisting that is happening!

    16 votes are needed.

    I wonder what promises will be made (and eventually broken) to get the 16 required votes?

    One of the biggest embarrassments for the GOP has to be the comment made by Skala.

    He voted against it so he could vote for it.

  2. While this grant has nothing to do with being for or against Obamacare, the next post on this blog is very relative to Obamacare.

    The prime motivator for this grant is the FACT that the COUNTY Health Department will get to rape at least 15 percent of the grant for ‘administrative overhead’.

    Mr. Hill has shown his priorities early.

  3. These ” navigators” get access to personal information like Social Security #s and other
    sensitive data.

    Many of them are convicted felons.

    If you vote yes you are voting to put your constituents at risk.

  4. I think the In Counselor Program has a lot to do with getting uninsured people including families health insurance and is central to the ACA

    If you do a Google “web” search you can find a lot of information about the ACA In Counselor Program.

    This grant is part of a nation wide program involving thousands of local groups. The objective is to hire people to reach into the community to facilitate insurance enrollment using the exchanges or medicaid during the open enrollment period.

    As some people have noted McHenry County and thousands of other localities accepted this same grant last year. Then as now the open enrollment period started November 15, and runs thru Feb 15 2015, and then expires.

    If you do a Google “news” search you will find a lot of information about how different groups view this Act.

    Turns out the debate is exactly the same as last year. Folks who are against the ACA are against any effort to educate and facilitate uninsured people to achieve health insurance. These people want to suppress health insurance enrollments.

    In contrast, folks who support the ACA want to encourage uninsured people to obtain insurance.

    There certainly are uninsured people who do not want to pay for health insurance.

    There certainly are uninsured people including families who want health care insurance, but don’t know how to get it, and need this assistance

    So I do think this ACT is central to the ACA.

    The 15 % for Counselor related overhead is not the issue.

  5. GOP2, nice scare tactics.

    Did you learn that from Alynski?

    And you just have to love that tough “DeFacto” guy.

    You guys sound like clowns.

    From where I’m sitting, you guys are on the wrong side of this.

    The only ones that are going to lose this battle will be YOU!

    Oh, btw, Obamacare isn’t going anywhere.

    That’s a fact.

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