Illinois Policy Institute Gives Three Reason to Reject Obamacare Sign-Up Money

Illinois Policy Institute Director of Health Policy Naomi Lopez Bauman has written an article about the 10-10 rejection of over $500,000 of Obamacare navigator money by the McHenry County Board.

It’s topical because there is going to be a re-vote on the subject tonight at the County Administrative Building across the street from the County Jail. The 10-10 vote meant the resolution failed.

Obamacare IPI heading

Here summaries of the three points made in the article:

  1. According to the [McHenry County] health department’s proposal, 10 in-person counselors would be provided for a period of five months. If they each worked full-time during the 13-week open enrollment period from Nov. 15 to Feb. 15, that would be the equivalent of more than $112 per hour for each of the 10 proposed assisters.
  2. Citing the experience in Florida and Texas, this point is made: “The idea that rejecting this money will undermine sign-ups both ignores the evidence from other states, as well as the many overlapping and duplicative efforts already aimed at ObamaCare enrollment.”
  3. Board members first – If more ObamaCare is a great idea for McHenry County, are the board members willing to publicly pledge to enroll in the ObamaCare exchange, forgoing their current county taxpayer-subsidized health-insurance coverage? Are they willing to lead by example?


Illinois Policy Institute Gives Three Reason to Reject Obamacare Sign-Up Money — 3 Comments

  1. Great points made here. It failed for a reason. All for can be the first clients

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