Rauner Wins Worst Produced Robo-Call Award

Got a robo-call mid-afternoon Sunday.

There was so much dead air before the message I almost hung up.

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

Then an announcer said that Jim Edgar was going to talk about the race for Governor.

A very scratchy recording then played.

It seemed to be taken from an introduction by Jim Edgar of Bruce Rauner somewhere, maybe the State Fair.

“The Blagojevich-Quinn government has been a disaster for Illinois,” Edgar said through much static.

Later, “We have the opportunity to make Illinois a state we’re proud to call our own.”

Somewhere along the line, Edgar announced his support of Rauner for Governor.

The Rauner campaign said that’s who paid for it and gave a phone number.

I have never heard a worse robo-call.


Rauner Wins Worst Produced Robo-Call Award — 3 Comments

  1. Bruce and his ‘team’ makes it very difficult to support him.

    He comes out with an obscenely sized door hanger that will not fit in the normal sized plastic bag door hanger.

    He continually trots out his wife who loses votes for him every time he does so.

    He started out his campaign by stating that this campaign is not about social issues and then spends a lot of money on social issues.

    When I first met Bruce I came away with the thought: “If you liked Jim Edgar, you will love Bruce Rauner”.

    Tomorrow we will have a repeat of 2012 when I held my nose and voted for Romney.

    Hopefully the result will not be four more years of Quinn.

    If that is what happens, I fault Bruce and his ‘team’ – not the voters.

    If you consider yourself a conservative and want to know what the ‘polls’ show about illegal aliens, go here: http://www.pollingreport.com/immigration.htm

    My suspicion is that they rarely pose the questions to LEGAL immigrants in their polls.

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