Late Night (Really Early Morning) Before Final Results Expected

Because Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan ruled (after being in office eleven years) that absentee ballots cannot be counted until the polls close at 7 PM, the County Clerk’s Office expects final results to be substantially delayed.

In the recent past, in-person votes have been posted first.  Each race shows the number of precincts of the total number voting for the office what are included in the totals.

The 15,055 early votes are all electronic, so they will not be the reason for the delay.

It’s the approximately 4,238 absentee ballots that have to run through vote counting machines that will slow things down.

Watching the in-person results may not be indicative of the final totals.



Late Night (Really Early Morning) Before Final Results Expected — 2 Comments

  1. Could this be, so that if it looks bad for the Dems, they will be scrambling for those “lost” votes like they did in Minnesota for Al Frankenstein?

    Sounds very fishy to me.

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