Franks Leading Reick

With 35 of 73 precincts reporting, incumbent eight-term Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks is leading his Republican challenger by 59% to 41%.

In 2010, John O’Neill garnered 36.08% of the vote against Franks.

Remember that these are only the votes cast in the precinct on election day. Absentee and early votes may change the results.

Franks 35 of 73 2014

In Dunham Township, however, Reick topped Franks, as you can see below:
Dunham 2014
After John O’Neill won a couple of precincts in 2010, Franks removed them from his district during reapportionment.

Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner won 369-168.

Paul Schimpf beat incumbent Attorney General Lisa Madigan by 271-262.


Franks Leading Reick — 3 Comments

  1. Congratulations to our new Sheriff………Happy is sooooooooooo Happy !
    Finally, a Sheriff to be proud of…….Bill Prim !

  2. Yensen GONE! Pffffttttt!

    Just like that.

    Similar to bad dream or case of gout.

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