Photo from Bill Prim’s Victory Party

The best shot of the night has to be of Zane Seipler and Scott Milliman, two of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputies most recently fired by Sheriff Keith Nygren.

Zane + Scott with Nygren wine

Rose Seipler takes a photo of her husband Zane and Scott Milliman.

What are they holding besides the sign saying, “The End”?

It’s a bottle of Galena Winery’s special labeled Keith Nygren wine.

Galena Winery's private label for a Keith Nygren fundraiser.

Galena Winery’s private label for a Keith Nygren fundraiser.

Given to contributors at a past fundraiser.


Photo from Bill Prim’s Victory Party — 8 Comments

  1. What happened to these two fine deputies will never happen again.

    I hear the deputies are celebrating the win for Bill Prim, Sheriff Bill Prim.

    Under Sheriff Prim’s leadership the deputies and McHenry County will see a positive change in the department.

    Sheriff Prim is the one who will ” RAISE THAT BAR”

  2. Beware that Nygren wine ……. it might be poisoned!

    I thought that’s what Zinke did fulltime ….. worked as a foodtaster and occasional caddy for Nygren.

  3. Sheriff Prim has a huge task ahead of him.

    A good start would be to put all the “specialty” deputies and correctional officers with their cushy desk jobs back to work on the streets and in the jail.

    But there is one “specialty” deputy/investigator that he needs.

    This officer desperately needs to take a close look at the books of the Sheriff’s Dept.

    From the incredible overtime bill to uniform allowances and what is bought with those funds right down to the jail commissary accounts and every penny that is involved in all divisions.

    And lets not forget the jail bed rental program that has cost the county a fortune the last 5 years or so due to gross mismanagement.

    The taxpayers who foot the bill need to know the waste no longer exists under Sheriff Prim.

    I wish him lots of luck. He really has no idea of the mess he has inherited.

    God bless him.

  4. CP, all I know is that the people made the right choice when voting for Prim.
    I have trust and have confidence in Sheriff Prim’s decisions.

  5. The deputies who supported Harrison will soon find out that Sheriff Prim will turn the Sheriff’s department into a place you can be proud of.

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