Gottemoller Campaign Finance

Gottemoller looking left talkingDistrict 2’s Joe Gottemoller is one of three people running for Chairman of the McHenry County Board.

This is the last year that the twenty-four members of the Board will have more say than you or I.

Starting in 2016, the Chairman of the County Board will be elected at-large by all of us.

Having won the Republican Primary Election, Gottemoller entered the fall election season on July 1st with $5,444.13 in his campaign finance checking account.

During the next three months, he reported receiving a $500 check from Realtor PAC.

As far as expenditures go, he gave $250 to other political campaign funds and spent $166.88 on miscellaneous unreported items.

He reported owing himself $963.08 and $1,000 to Lee Jacob of Waltham, MA.

The District 3 almost final election results.

The District 3 almost final election results.

Gottemoller ran first in the three-way November election.


Gottemoller Campaign Finance — 5 Comments

  1. Voters are a very confused bunch.

    They elect a Republican governor but re-elect a Democrat Senator WHO OPENLY DENIGRATED OUR MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES!!

    Either the voters are very confused or the election results are being manipulated!!

  2. They also voted overwhelmingly to increase the minimum wage, tax millionaires more to “fund education”, and other liberal types of policies.

  3. As a private attorney in a fair size law firm, why the h. are the taxpayers paying for Gottemoller’s health insurance?????

  4. Why are taxpayers paying ANYONEs healthcare?

    This is an elected position- part time at best.

    Why do we pay healthcare, a pension and mileage for a civil servant?

  5. Joe G is a leech …. that’s the answer!

    I pulled him off my leg once …..and I still have the scars from his deeply dug in sucking apparatus!

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