Joel Mains Collecting Signs

Joel Mains's yard sign.

Joel Mains’s yard sign.

After the election I went around to the three polling places around Crystal Lake (the lake) and gathered signs.

I was only going to get the Republican ones, but, remembering what a pain it is to pick up signs, I decided to get the Democrats’, too.

So, I ended up with some for State Rep. candidate Joel Mains, congressional candidate Dennis Anderason and County Board member Paula Yensen.

I contacted the Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett and asked what I should do with them.

He told me that I could have his wife Paula’s “for my collection,” that Anderson’s could re-cycled, but that Mains wanted to pick his up.

And he did.

Could this be at indication that Mains wants to have another go at Republican Barb Wheeler?

Wheeler-Mains all but late absentees 2014

Barb Wheeler got over 70% of the vote against Joel Mains.

There was not much of a campaign but yard signs on the part of either candidate this fall, but Wheeler came out on top.


Joel Mains Collecting Signs — 10 Comments

  1. What about the Republican candidates signs who wants then do don’t?

  2. Any Harrison signs still out there.

    Harrison said he wanted to keep the 4×4’s.


    I don’t think he will need them anymore.

  3. He probably has this wild fantasy about taking over the States Attorney’s office.

    What a disaster that would be.

    Mr Jerry Springer Shock Jock, needs to go play cops and robbers, that’s what he does best.

  4. Hmmmm

    What are we gonna do with you Jimmy?

    Please go back to your law firm, and don’t say a word!

  5. Jimmy, you are no Lou Bianchi.

    Thank you from the one above, for having mercy upon the people of McHenry County.

    Thank you for protecting Bianchi from all of those regime thugs…

    We couldn’t do it with out you.

    Go get em Lou Bianchi!

  6. Prim campaign, there is still a 4×4 in downtown Spring Grove at Main and Bliven Rd.

    I would pull it but it won’t fit in my car.

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