Lake County Sheriff’s Employees Stops Johnsburg Bus to Give Son Lunch

So your son leaves his lunch at home.

What do you do?

If you follow the advice I got in grade school, you don’t take the lunch to school.

You let him learn a lesson.

Former top ranking Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy┬áBrian Keller didn’t follow that advice when his Marian Central Catholic High School son forgot his lunch.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that his “unmarked black Dodge Charger with emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop about 7 a.m. Tuesday at McCullom Lake and Ringwood roads in Johnsburg in McHenry County, according to a Johnsburg police report filed Thursday by the bus driver.”


Lake County Sheriff’s Employees Stops Johnsburg Bus to Give Son Lunch — 3 Comments

  1. Unless this kid had a medical problem this should never had happened.
    Are you kidding me, a HIGH SCHOOL kid and his dad stops a bus. Either the kid was the one with the brain and was totally embarrassed or the father has a screw loose. l.o.l. This kid is never going to live this down.
    Kind of confused, first in says a Lake County Sheriff’s Employee and then it says a former Lake County Sheriff?
    Either way the story is better than hearing about someone in a car accident and got hurt.

  2. A little background on the Lake County Sheriff’s office: Republicans cheered when Curran ‘switched’ from the Democrat party to the Republican party. Curran is not much different then the Sheriff McHenry County just got rid of; not much different then the other guy who ran in the primary against Prim. Note: The Chairperson of the McHenry County GOP works for Curran.

  3. Are you kidding me?

    THIS is news?

    Big deal.

    Wow, all this reveals is what HICK losers the people are who really care about this stuff as serious news.

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