Happy Thanksgiving! — 6 Comments

  1. This happens to be one of my turkeys.

    He is a Narragansutt.

    He attacks you when your back it turned so he’s too tuff to die.

  2. This is a beautiful bird.

    Now how can I eat turkey today, I’ll have carrots.

    Happy Thanksgiving Cal and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of the bloggers.

  3. You wouldn’t say that voter if he ripped your hamhocks from the rear when you weren’t paying attention.

    This is one mean turkey.

    I am nominating him on Monday for County Board Chair.

  4. May God bless and keep us all in the palm of His hand this Thanksgiving season.

    May He guide us as we fight against the horrors our government can, will and has been visiting upon The People of this nation and may He give us the wisdom and patience to understand those who are incapable of critical thought or understanding of the world around them.

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