Nygren’s Marks Remain

Former McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren loved to put his name on things.

The public didn’t see most of the vehicles except at parades.


Here’s a sign on a pickup truck.   It was also used on convertibles in which Sheriff Keith Nygren rode.

The snow mobile trailer and snow mobiles.

The snow mobile trailer and snow mobiles have Keith Nygren’s name.

The crime prevention trailer was pulled by a station wagon.

The crime prevention trailer has Keith Nygren’s name on it.  So does the vehicle towing it.

But one type of vehicle is on the road regularly.

It’s the bus that ferries prisoners and detainees here and there.

Three of them sit in front of the McHenry County Jail and all have Keith Nygren’s name on them.

The new Sheriff is installed, but the old one's name lingers on.

The new Sheriff is installed, but the old one’s name lingers on.


Nygren’s Marks Remain — 8 Comments

  1. No problem, there may be some people who work in the garage that take care of the Sheriff’s vehicles can take the names off.

  2. Looks like this could be something for the volunteers to handle.

    Painting over all the “Keith Nygren “areas

  3. Prim should reach out to Andy Zinke and see where he had that snazzy “Undersheriff Andy Zinke” car magnet made.

    Four dozen of those bad boys could solve Bill Prim’s problem in 5 minutes or less.

  4. How about a state law that the name of the head elected official cannot appear on government assets.

    No Blago tollway signs.

    No Cook County commissioner name on Cook County Forest Preserve signs.

    No Sheriffi Nygren name on vehicles.

    Maybe Primm can lead the way.

    No Sheriff Primm name on McHenry County Sheriff vehicles, trailers, boats, etc.

    Maybe we can figure out a way to keep the name of the community college president off of Thanskgiving Day cards.

    Maybe there should be some exceptions.

    Why should taxpayers spend money on the new elected official to self promote themselves.

    How does that benefit the taxpayer?

    It doesn’t.

  5. Keith …. King Doof.

    Will he live long enough to be tried?

  6. Nygren’s personality cult must be erased ASAP ………

    Good Riddance.

    He’s in sunny Florida now ….where he’s been the last 3 years!

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