Policeman Charged With Stealing Gasoline

Hopefully there are more controls at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department's gas pumps.

Hopefully there are more controls at the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department’s gas pumps. ¬†Photo credit: ¬†Gus Philpott.

In the “It couldn’t be happening here” category is the alleged theft of taxpayer-bought gasoline by a city policeman in Bensenville.

The Chicago Tribune reports

“… while employed as a Bensenville police officer, used the village gas pump to fill cans in the rear of his squad car, and then used the gas to fuel his personal vehicle.”


Policeman Charged With Stealing Gasoline — 14 Comments

  1. This could be a sequel to (former) McHenry County Sheriff’s garage; where one regular “customer” was non sworn personnel and non patrol people.

    Hope this will be monitored more closely now.

  2. We need a police department for policemen.

    The good ones should stay silent no longer as this issue will come to a head soon and people will demand change.

  3. The real theft is the gravy overtime, the padding of pay to boost pensions and mountains of overtime to cover the officers in redundant desk jobs that serve no purpose.

    Where else but McHenry County would a sergeant authorize overtime to a senior officer to the tune of around $57 an hour to sit in a break room for 3 1/2 of a 4 hour stint?

  4. So glad to see all these supportive comments of law enforcement (sarcasm off). Tonight is the fundraiser for two deputies who were ambushed this past October, less than 2 months ago. Both these valiant law enforcement officers very nearly lost their lives doing what they do. Have you all no shame? No compassion for those who have, and continue to, give so much? Just pathetic. One corrupt cop from Crook County breaks their oath and steals–fortunately they got caught and will pay the price for their stupidity. Now, to take the actions and missteps of that one officer and condemn everyone else is, at least, irresponsible and, at most, just plain ignorant, divisive and reckless. Seasons greetings, though, to you all and rest comfortably in your homes at night knowing law enforcement officers are out and about–watching and guarding over you and yours….How many of you will be at the fundraiser tonight and giving towards those heroes who nearly gave their lives? or is it easier to just play keyboard commando and spew garbage on a blog?

  5. How about a fund raiser for someone who actually NEEDS the money!

    Hope you feel really good about yourself with your bloated self-righteousness.

  6. Most of us here do support the police and their difficult job but the truth is that unfortunately that whole world of law enforcement is full of corrupt, greedy individuals.

    I know that equipment and personal clothing and effects could not be left unlocked in the locker room at the department I worked at for over twenty years as it would be stolen.

    Radios, jackets, holsters… you name it, it was stolen.

    I also remember when one officer left a collection jar in the break room for the family of a Marengo officer who had died.

    Yes you guessed it, the money was stolen.

    Theft, corruption and greed is the order of the day not the exception.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. Merry Christmas Cindy, because I’m sure you’re right.

    Insurance and goodwill is going to pay these officers and their families for all the ills wrought upon them that October 16th night and make them whole again (off sarcasm).

    If my self righteousness affects you it’s a good thing; it’s an indication that you have some feeling about the sacrifice these officers and deputies make daily (and nightly).

    As for CP, you sound like some hanger on, wannabe, that only held an ancillary public safety position (I’d guess dispatch or garage attendant) and never really worked the road a day in your life-so now you’re disgruntled over never fulfilled your dream and feel righteous enough to cast stones to a whole group over the misdeeds of a few–just sad and pathetic really.

    Don’t worry, the LEOs you like to disrespect over your own deep seated failures will still guard over you despite your contempt over your own shortcomings….Merry Christmas to you as well.

  8. Wow. im sure therapy is available for you.

    I know the truth can be difficult but if personal attacks make you feel better I understand.

  9. Not anymore than your delusional, self deprecating failures over not getting to be a LEO.

    I’m good with it, you’re angry at the world that you never fulfilled your dreams.

    Perhaps fix you, then worry about me.

  10. Thank you, CP. I think you need to stop grumbling, really?

    If you chose the wrong lot to follow in your life, that’s your business.

    Everyone has their own personal heartaches.

    Your bellyaching is telling about your personal decisions.

    And you can keep your hypocritical wishes.

    They certainly weren’t offered genuinely, anyway.

  11. Cindy, spill your hatred all you want.

    If that makes you feel better about yourself.

    I’m not sure what you expect from me…I chose the right lot in life–I just think, sometimes, the hateful and false narratives need to be challenged-lest the whole world subscribe to them.

    I’ve not bellyached, just challenged and, if that proves too much for you, perhaps it’s worked.

    I’m not a hypocrite, just not one to buy popularity over what’s right.

    Not sure how you can dissect the genuineness of an internet post, but whatever helps you…

  12. BTW Cindy, ’twas you who interjected yourself into this thread, not me.

    I didn’t invite you–you elected to jump in and make some very sideways insinuations about these deputies and their needs.

    If it got too real that I challenged you, then it’s clearly you that is grumbling and bellyaching.

    Have a nice weekend, Happy Holidays and God bless!

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