County Auditor Puts Payments Online

Pam Palmer

Pam Palmer

McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer has followed in the footsteps of other local governments and put county check payments on the internet.

You can find them here listed as “Payment Information.”

There are forty-seven pages for November.

Payments are listed in alphabetical order.

Down near the bottom is a reimbursement on November 25th for “Fuel, Oil, and Grease” paid to Andrew Zinke.  He resigned on November 30th.


County Auditor Puts Payments Online — 5 Comments

  1. Kudos to Pam. Its a step in the right direction.

    Now all of our cyber sleuths can comb through those records and see whats going on.

    IMHO this is a good thing.

    It improves transparency.

    Andrew Gasser

  2. Step in the right direction but she needs to put all the payments out there.

    If there is a secrecy requirement such as HIPAA involved, simply blank the secret info or state – ‘redacted’.

    The County Board members should demand that the other agencies left off the disclosures be included post haste!

  3. Check paid to Zinke? Right before he resigns?

    Looks like Sheriff Prim should take a look at who is in that Sheriff’s garage.

  4. Shocking ……… the greaseball Zinke actually reimbursed for a grease ‘expense’?????

    They’ll be de-greasing every damn surface in the Sheiff’s office and vehicles Zinke made contact with …….

  5. I like this one:

    11/3/2014 VD298240 TROPICAL SMOOTHIE CAFE 1,374.00 Meeting Expenses Health Dept

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