Crystal Lake City Candidates

The filing for school boards, villages and lots of special tax districts starts next Monday, but Crystal Lake’s line-up is already set.

Crysal Lake City Council

A majority of the Crysal Lake City Council is up for re-election.

The candidates for mayor and city council follow,  (Incumbents are shown in bold face type.)


  • Aaron T. Shepley
  • Sascha Chadwick


  • Cathy A. Ferguson
  • Brett Hopkins
  • Ellen M. Brady Mueller
  • Jeremy Krick


Crystal Lake City Candidates — 4 Comments

  1. Wake up people, the City Council helped pass an ordinance allowing the city to send out late notices in Federal Express envelopes, billing the people an additional $25 per month on their water bill, when most water bills are around $25.

    What were you thinking Aaaron Shepley, when you passed such a requirement?

    For that alone, you should lose your job as Mayor.

    You have no business passing such a ridiculous ordinance in this economy!

    As for any City Council members that voted for the ordinance, you need to resign!

    And, they need to clean house in that so called police department of yours.

    When citizens are complaining of police officers being thugs, you need to address the issues and begin to make changes.

    Do the names Carrie and Mary Birch ring a bell?

    Let me remind you, Andy Zinkes friends who have had many people falsely arrested. Let me tell you people, you can keep a secret but only if one person knows and they don’t talk. Your secrets are out!

  2. Time to shave some fat from this board way to many chiefs, like those who never show up and those who only care about themselves and not the citizens of our town!

    which leaves “1” that I know of who truly cares about us tax paying citizens “1” who knew and did not vote for an increased unnecessary sales tax hike!

    Only 1 with common sense!

    “1” who is not a YES man puppet & can think on his own.

    We do not need all of these Chiefs!

    ByeBye to the ones that are wasting our tax $$

  3. I hear that Shepley’s opponents petitions are being challenged as he did not number the petition pages properly.

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